Go 520 Lost maps

Jun 17, 2019
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Go 520
Hi there
I have a Go520 which as (had) Truck ect maps.. after a trip through France the unit told me to connect up for a update..
I just plugged it in as I have "Free lifetime maps" and it said it was loading or some such thing then when it had done I turned on my Go520 and it came up with a different screen then a blue screen saying this unit is too old to run this map ... all the original maps had gone and I'm left with a paperweight..
I have tried so many times to download the maps but it only offers me the Voice upgrade ?
On Sat it said it was Downloading.. I left it till Monday morning STILL downloading ???
Very very bad help service, just reply with a auto "We have received you message"
What now ? anyone out there have a backup they could share ??


Try calling support again BUT do not reply with a model when prompted in order for a live agent to respond.

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