Cannot access map update service

Aug 7, 2010
I have a tomtom one v4 (1Gb builtin memory). When I connected it, tomtom home gave me the option of buying their map update service for 4 months for ?27. I didn't have time to do it then, but having given it more thought I'd now like to go ahead & buy it, however tomtom home no longer gives me the popup where I can buy it! If I go to add maps, it just shows me a load of maps I can buy for ?39.95 each, and not this offer. I noticed the offer was advertised at the bottom of tomtom home, so I clicked on 'buy now' and it just took me to the same map page, but the offer wasn't listed. I also tried going to the map share service website, where there is a link to join - it says it is going to open in tomtom home, but again all it opens is the map page with the maps for ?39.95, not the quarterly updates offer.

How can I join this offer?!?
You need to have the latest map on your device to buy the map update service.

If your map is recent, Tomtom sells bundles to get you to the latest version at a reduced price, and then you pay full price for 4 future maps.

Perhaps your existing map became so old that a bundle is no longer available. If that is the case, you'd have to pay the full price map to "become current", and then pay the full price map update service (sometimes it's cheaper to just buy a new Tomtom).
I have the same problem! I have just upgraded ALL of my maps to the latest version (855.2884) but only get options to buy new maps. I am NEVER offered the option to purchase the map upgrade service. I have United Kingdom and USA maps installed. I also have the latest HOME installed, so that is not the problem.
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What model do you have? And what application?

Perhaps the subscriptiion is not offered in your country?

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