Major issue need help

Mar 30, 2011
I have tried 3 memory cards in my 740 go live, it wont update or save anything to it. Customer Support literally said sorry and good luck.

The computer see's both the overloaded tomtom 740 and the sd card with nothing on it, when you hold the button in until you here the drums the device recognizes it, But when I download or try to add a map to it it will not take it.

ALso accross the top you are supposed to be able to chose between devices. This is grey'ed out and cant be click on. I have no idea what to do. I seen in another model forum they said put all info on the SD card and start the unit up i guess forcing it to use the card but im not sure, again , it was a different model. Any suggestions guys? im really jammed. I want to add family photos, other photos for when the wifes not in the car lol, music, more voices and sounds, etc. But I cant.
First things first.

What size and speed (class) of uSD card did you get for your 740? While we're at it, what brand, and where did you get it?

Do you have a card reader on your computer that you can slide it into if we need to do that?

Are you trying to add new maps, or just update the one you have? If you MOVE your map (see other thread where this is being discussed) to the SD card, Home makes sure that it will be updated there on the 740. I have had good luck with that approach. I left pretty much everything else in internal memory, but moved my map folder over to the SD card on my 740.
Just to add to canderson's good advice....

Like he says, I have also had success in forcing Home to update maps to the SD card by moving the OLD map to the SD card first

But as well as moving the map, you say you want to add photos and music to the card.

Well that's easy, there's no reason to use Home to do that at all.

Just copy your mp3 music tracks and jpg pictures straight to the card using Windows Explorer, putting them into folders called "mp3" and "photos" respectively.

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