Major issues with my brand new XXL540

Apr 21, 2011
Ok, so this is what has happened so far:

1. After buying my device, I connect to my computer, download TomTom Home 2, the device connects and updates maps/application etc. I add some POI's and create a back up. Everything seems fine.

2. Using my device for the first time that evening, I could not get ANY satellite signals, and the device begins rebooting after about 2-3mins. (Sits at 'waiting for signal', then screen goes black, then shows the image of the device with the blue 'progress bar' like when you are disconnecting from a computer, then the TomTom logo comes up and goes back to searching for a satellite signal). Very frustrating.

3. Now my device wont connect to TomTom Home. My PC recognizes the device as an external storage device, but TomTom home says to connect my device every time I click on anything.

4. After a few recommendations from both the TomTom support website and the TomTom forums website, I try a few things (deleting mapsettings, re-install TomTom home etc), no change.

5. I decide to format the device, as I can see that I have my map and POI's backed up in TomTom Home, that went fine, device has been scanned and shown no bad sectors etc, but now the device still wont connect to TomTom Home to restore from back up..

Not sure if it is relevant, but I'm running Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium.

Anyone got any suggestions? Thanking you in advance!

:thumb: Sam
Sounds like although your PC recognizes the device type in general (essentially, an external storage device), there's no match to a USB VID/PID (vendor and product ID) combination in the registry that matches whatever your TomTom is reporting when it connects, so Home is never being invoked by Windows to service it.

Let's start with the simple stuff. Have you performed what passes for a hard reset of your device yet? With the unit turned off and still connected to your PC, press and hold the power button for 15 seconds or so until you hear the TomTom drums start to roll. Release the power button. Once your unit is as 'booted' as it is going to get in its current state, does this wake Home up?
As a secondary pair of questions -- where did you buy this particular unit, and do you know how to report the unit's firmware version to us? If so, please do. If not, speak up and we'll get you there.
I have tried the hard reset a few times now, no change. BUT every now and then I will get this screen after doing a hard reset, does this tell you anything?

In answer to your other questions, I brought it from Dick Smith's (a local electrical products retailer - here in Australia), and I'm not sure how find the firmware version sorry..

Also note that when doing a hard reset, when the device comes back on, my PC automatically jumps back to TomTom Home, like it knows that it is there, but still wont connect to it.. Weird.

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another development... installed TT Home on another PC and it recognized the device.. but as a XXL 530S, rather than the XXL 540 that it is.. weird. hit update anyway, see what happens.
Let us know how your update goes, and then we'll get back to the issue(s) on your Win7 machine.
Well the updated device now works properly, but the software that TTHome installed on it is for the 530S, I'm not sure what functionality this looses when compared to the 540 that it is, but main thing is that it is now working 100%.

I think I'll email TT about the software issue.
You won't see any missing functions. The 530S and 540 units are practically identical. Make sure you still have your Advanced Lane Guidance and Reality View intact. That's really the only difference, and the firmware should recognize which model you have.

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