I'm saying hello w/ a dead TomTom Rider...

Nov 25, 2010
Greetings. Sorry to meet this way but I found you guys only because of my issue w/ an almost new but dead TomTom Rider.

My Rider stopped working soon after it was gifted to me for my birthday. I had it mounted on my bike & wired to my motorcycle's charging system. I usually charged it w/ the 110v charger when it was not on the bike.

It just stopped working. Dead screen when I power-up.

After prowling the web I found many folks w/ the same issue but no definitive fixes or explanations as to what may have caused it other than it's "fried" or the batterys dead..

Here is where I am right now:

I charged it overnight w/ the 110v charger. The units open now and the battery has been disconnected, tested (it's dead of course), & then re-installed. I am not getting power to the + & - lugs of the units battery (female end) plug. I should see voltage. For kicks lets say the charger plug is OK and I have juice into the unit. What could be going wrong between there & the battery?

I liked it when it was working and now that I've found you guys I look forward to getting back on the road w/ this thing. The forum will add a new dimension to the use & enjoyment.

Last note: The TomTom did not work long enough to wear the battery out. I appreciate any help from the group.

Harry Slimm
Welcome to TTF.

I've moved your post to the Rider forum where it may get a greater response from our biker members.
I don't know if there is a date code of any sort as to when your device was actually manufactured. The Rider series was never a huge sales success and it is possible that even tho your Rider is new to you, it may actually be a couple of years old (to me). One way to tell is to see what the map version it came with is. My Rider2 is almost 3 years old, and it originally came with the V667 map, the next map was 675 and the most current is the 860.

So, it is entirely possible that the battery in your unit is toast, and it is not a huge deal to replace it (you can find out how on this forum, or even on YouTube).

Keep us posted
I just checked the voltages at the four pins on the back of my Rider 2 and the voltage between the 1st and 2nd pin nearest the on/off button with the unit off is 3.26 volts.

It sounds like you are measuring the voltage at the battery inside the unit, but you don't mention if the AC charger is connected or not. If it is NOT connected and you show 0volts (dead) at the battery, try checking the voltage with the AC charger connected. If it's still 0, then something is broken between the charger input and the battery. If you read voltage ( 5 + volts), then the battery is bad and should be replaced.

I have read at other places on this forum that if you cross connect the wires on the bike power cord that there is a fuse inside the unit that will blow. I don't know if this fuse is between both the AC charger and the bike DC power feeds, but it may be that simple.

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