I'm not understanding this map update thing.

Jan 2, 2008
If I'm using TomTom Home and downloading all the updates it says I need at whatever interval it says I need them...and I'm being told my map is up to date...

What is the point of buying new maps? Do I NEED TO BUY new maps? There are some definitive errors with the map I've been using. New construction a year or more is not updated. Do I need to BUY a new map to get that corrected?

I have a TomTom720 Go which I've had, used, re-loaded, etc multiple times over the years.

USA maps are $50. Do I need a new one?
Since we don't know what map you have now, it's hard to say whether it is worth buying an update. Please advise your current map version and code version.

Also, let us know where your big heartburn is with construction and we can look to see what is on the current map.
The only updates your existing map can get are MAPSHARE updates

These are very limited in scope (have a look at what you can correct on your own device...), amounting to changing the direction of travel along a road (to make it one-way or "no way"), changing the turn restrictions at a junction, changing the speed limit, or changing the name of a road.

Nothing that involves drawing new lines on the map can be done by MapShare, so you cannot get corrections for new roads, new blockages across roads, new roundabouts*, new shopping centres, new housing estates etc. etc.

(* Actually, roundabouts are a slightly special case. If you make a correction for a new roundabout, nothing gets changed visibly on the current map, but the voice instructions act as if there is one there).

If you want to see those major improvements, you need to buy a new map.
OK - that really is an old map. Dates back to the time before Valley Forge, I think <g>. Specifically, that's 32 map releases ago - probably the original that came with your 720.

So if you would tell us about the areas that are a problem for you, we can look on a unit with a new (885) map and tell you if things are updated, and then you can decide whether or not you want to buy a new map for your 720.

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