Hi,I'm Wal

Jan 11, 2011
Hi all. I've been using GPS since 2008.First with a Nokia mobile,separate GPS module and Route 66 software.Worked perfectly.Broke phone and bought an iPhone with TomTom app.It worked fine (not perfectly-often lost fix,especially in the bush) untill updating to version 1.5.Rarely got a lock after that.Spent what seemed like days on phone and email to Apple and Tomtom.
No soution.Was informed version 1.6 was coming out.Installed that ,no change.Anyone in my boat.
Yours Wal
iPhone versions prior to 4 do have inferior GPS coverage, but you should get some reception. There was a software lock up problem with 1.4, but that was supposedly cured with 1.5.

Is your iPhone mounted in the windscreen or low down on the dash? Do you have metalised glass?

Try removing app from iPhone, then reloading it from iTunes.

It should work - not certain why it isn't assuming all the above is OK.
Thanks for getting back to me .Phone is mounted on a Strike cradle high on the dash of my VW Caddy-no metallic screen.The reception was fine,in fact I was using it literally hours before upgrading to TomTom 1.5 After that I've only had intermittent and fleeting fixes.I'm running IOS 4.2.1 Maybe there's somthing wrong with the phone.Any idea how to check if GPS is working properly?
Yours Wal
Is your Map App getting good consistent fixes?

This is not a conclusive comparison as Map App uses supplementary position fixing systems such as Wifi locations and cellphone sites. However, if it is giving you good locations and TT is not, then clearly the problem is with TT. I should try, if you haven't already done so, deleting the app completely then reloading from iTunes.

Not certain what it does, but there's a GPS Enhancement setting in Advanced Settings. You could also try playing with that.

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