I'm looking to buy a new TT device with US, Canada, Mexico maps. Any recommendations?

Oct 24, 2014
Vancouver, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
XL IQ Routes
I have a XL340TM which went bad after few years.
Based on contradictory reviews, I cannot decide between GO 1353TM, VIA 1353TM, GO 500 or 600.
I consider maps and traffic updates as important features.
Please let me know pros and cons of these devices or if there is another device that you recommend.

Thank you for your reply.
I was looking for this model but I wanted to know a bit more about main differences between GO Live 1535M and GO 500.
The traffic on GO Live 1535M is also an unknown area for me.
One more thing would be the screen, that on my old XL340 wasn't bright enough in sunny conditions. That would be my main reason to consider GO 500 (or 600) with capacitive touch screen that offers better visibility. However I would like to know what GO 500 is missing beside 1535 considering that is even cheaper than GO 1535M which is same price as GO 600.
The difference between GO 500 and GO 600 is only the screen size.
They show much promise for the future but are not quite prime time yet.
The map colours of the Go 500 and Go 600 are pretty bland. I find the screen not easily read in the sun.
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Again, why not GO 500? It is a newer model and I can't find too many reviews about it.
1) Is anything wrong with it?
2) Are there any features that are missing from it?
3) Why GO Live 1535 is better device?
The capacitive glass screen it seems much better. Also the 3D it looks neat feature, but I'm not sure if it can be disabled if needed.
DHN, your answers are very appreciated.
Please pardon my ignorance but, what is custom POIs? Usually I just search restaurant, hotel, etc or some POI by name.
Some of my main interests:
• Saving favourites because I travel mainly to many customers and this makes it easier to return.
• Using "mapsettings.cfg" from my old XL to restore old favourites.
• Routing with more options would be a plus.
• Compass.
• Anything extra feature than what I had on XL is welcomed. Please understand that I'm not aware of many features beside what I had on XL. I also had a Magellan device which had Bluetooth, POI phone #, better description for current location (even altitude) and some other things that I can't remember now.
Thank you again for your feedback.
With the 1535 I drove 3D all the time with the 600 I only drive 2D (direction of travel up).
500/600 no B/T phone connection.
Well, in fact you will be able to save favourites in the 500 but using a different method than using the mapsettings.cfg file. There will be a compass implemented in the 500. No TomTom devices offer altitude.

You should be if a BestBuy or Future Shop in Vancouver carries a 500 and, if so, drop by to get a sense of what one looks like.
Only difference to mapsettings.cfg is that this file can be copied to the computer before making a factory reset.
With the 500 all is lost.
I considered your feedback and I bought the GO Live 1535M (Canada, Mexico and US maps) $200 on Amazon.
1) I want to back it up from the beginning to avoid future trouble. What is the best method to back it up?
2) Since this device is using MyDrive software (not HOME) can I restore my Favorites with "mapsettings.cfg" file?
1. You can't do a backup as you did with devices using Home. You can connect the device to the computer and then, in the desktop's MyDrive icon, click on 'Manage Community Content'. A screen opens up where you can add custom pois files, copy favourites from device to the computer, etc.

Make sure you do NOT use the same email address for this device as you did for an earlier one.


Call Customer Service to activate your Map Update Service. The number:

Canada (en)
1 866 486 6866
8:00am to 8:00pm EST
9:00am to 6:00pm EDT
When my XL stopped working I called TT Customer Service and they agreed to transfer all my purchased (5) maps to another device.
All these maps are linked now to my account (email address). Can you please tell me why using the same email address can be a problem?
Again asking if I can restore old Favorites using the mapsettings.cfg file from XL?
Each device is associated with a different email address. You don't want maps designed for the XL to be offered up for the Go 1535 in error. Since you have 5 maps waiting, apparently, go get yourself a 16 gb micro sdhc card for the Go 1535 (slot on bottom) and let device format the card so it's ready for installation of all maps you are eligble for.

You CAN'T access the mapsettings.cfg file on the 1535 (I don't even know if there is one)/

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