I'm looking for a Street Number in a which city?

Feb 13, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom 720
I live in toronto and we have about 13 cities in the GTA

Richmond Hill
North York

All appear in TomTom and all have their own subsets of street names and NUMBERS, even thou in reality the the same street goes across all cities

If you don't know the exact city of the address you are heading you are not able to find the city using tomtom without trial and error.

e.g. I want to go to 7000 Yonge St, Toronto, ON (Yonge/Steeles). I know its not in toronto its in north york. However to program your tomtom you must type in Thornhill as the city first, even if you type north york, yonge/steeles is not a valid intersection.

Can someone tell me if they have worked around this... any tips?
Man, report that immediately to TomTom. This is how they work it, and as far as I can tell, there's no bloody work around - and it's quite annoying. This is a very VERY valid example of why they need to change that functionality! The more people that report these types of issues, the more likely it is that the people who design the firmware will wake up and realize that we need the option to search for a street first, then a city.
I was able to as well. But I do know what he is talking about, though. There are instances where you're not sure what "city" the road is in, and could very well be sent to the incorrect road if you are wrong about the name of the city... Or you may not be able to find the road at all - especially if the Map is incorrect in it's "city" name.
If you know it, I suppose it would. I guess a little pre-planning would allow you to possibly get around this rather annoying issue... :) It would still be a heck of a lot nicer to be able to choose which you'd rather enter first, though. ;)
This is a major problem. Perhaps the option to search for the street name in surrounding suburbs would be good?
I know here in Australia, the boundary between suburbs can be ambiguous. The search function needs some "fuzz" built into it so that it is easier to work from indistinct knowledge towards specific knowledge, rather than having to start with distinct knowledge to begin with.
Has anyone heard of any fix in the pipeline for this?
No fix coming that I've heard of. This is one of the most complained about issues on these boards. I encourage anyone that finds a real life issue like this to go to TT website and log a question about it with as much detail about it as you can give. That way at least someone at TT sees them.
I have a 920 with the 825 NA maps. When I push navagate to and then to an address where I put it Canada for location on top Then I put it the city of toranto. then the street yonge st and then the number 7000. After this it calculate trip. If you look at browse map of route you will see yor destination when zooming in right next to north york. It goes right their . Good luck.
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