Map update woes - and *I* should know what I'm doing!

Feb 10, 2011
London, UK.
TomTom Model(s)
Go520,720,XL Live, Start60,Go940,950,1000,1005,New500,New5000
Yesterday an old work colleague rang me up and asked if I could help him update the maps on his TomToms before he took them on holiday next week. He knows I'm a TomTom "geek" and used to get me to keep them updated while we were working together.

So, in exchange for tea and cakes, I popped round, brimming with confidence.
How wrong could I be!

His units are old, admittedly... He has a Go300 and a Go700
And he currently has old Western Europe AND Eastern Europe maps on both.

I explained that we were going to have to consider Map Zones now, but that I thought everywhere he wanted would be covered by the 'Europe' mapping now.
He said he would much prefer to have the full maps if at all possible, but if not, then he would load the Western zone (which includes the UK) and keep his old Eastern Europe map (or get a new one - so maybe load TWO zones at once).

First problem, the Go300 has everything on an SD card and so we were going to have to source a 4GB non-HC card. That's possible, but not something you can nip round to your local shop for.
So we ordered one on-line and put that unit to one side.

We then moved onto the Go700. This has an internal hard drive of about 2.32GB so it looked like we HAD to decide on a zone.

However, we couldn't find ANYWHERE that said how large the individual zones were (before you bought them!) so I couldn't guarantee to him that we could fit two zones or one zone AND his old 117MB Eastern Europe map on there at once along with everything else required.

So, my first question - does anyone have a list of sizes for each European map zone? (The TT "Map Zones Explained" page doesn't give that sort of useful detail)

Out of interest, I connected the Go700 to Home to see what was offered.

The ONLY map offered was Europe with the one-year subscription service, which consists of a price to get updated to the existing latest map and another price to subscribe for the next four maps.
He said he didn't want that, but I was embarrassed to find I was completely unable to opt for just a single map purchase, TT Home simply would not allow it, as soon as I deleted the subscription, it deleted the update too.

So my second question... Why could I not buy a single Europe map without the subscription?

Thirdly, while trying to delete the subscription service from our shopping basket, I realised we were not being offered ANY other maps at all... no Eastern Europe, no USA, no Australia... nothing.

So my third question is... why not?
Surely Home should offer him SOME other country/Continent maps for a Go700?
If I go to the TT "MapShop" pages and select Go700, I'm offered LOTS of different maps.

Fianlly, it's so long ago, I can't remember if it's possible to swap out the hard drive in a Go700 for a larger size. I think it might be compact flash card?
That's caught me out in the past,so I was ready for it!
I switched it over to "all" straight away.

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