How to Install Voices

how do you do this I have dl and unzipped the voices but am now lost. I am running go910 with version 7 software ....? ps ??I am a pc dummy so go easy step by step please :). and i was lost by the stuff above :)

Don't use home to install voices. Just copy the 3 voices file to your TomTom's voices folder.
Good thread ! Just copied a few voices on to my memory stick. I will give them a go on my one xl.

Thanks Boardboy :)
Help with voices

4. Open the folder and you will see three files: the image file (*.bmp), the voice data file (*.chk), and the index file (*.vif).

I can get all the way to this step, but when I open the folder, I do not see the files split. Only thing that is in the folder are the voice files in .ogg format. I realize the .ogg is a compressed version of the file but I am having difficulty understanding how to create a .vif or a .chk file.
YODA Voice hard to put on my TomTom

Hello to all that help, i have a tomtom one with the silver front and i have been trying to load YODA on it ,,i have a Mac Computer and have had no luck,is there anyone who can help thanks.
Scottish voice of Wee_Jock

I have the three files if anyone would like them. At the present time I have tested them on my TOMTOM V2 but not having any luck getting the BMP file I used to display and the unit has assigned a voice# of 127 rather than accept it as I have it numbered at 88. Any help with this minor detail would be great. If you want the voice and image files be glad to send them off wherever they need to go.

One other frustrating issue I have, maybe someone can help with this. THE DISTANCE ANNOUNCEMENT It will not use either metric or Imperial in the voice announcement it will say 300 or something like that but does not follow up. Is it because I have not specified a country in the data file? Scotland does not show anywhere so it makes it rather difficult to make it specific rather than using ENGLISH and the Union Jack flag .
Something has really changed with the 930's voices. There is no "voices" folder, but in the LoquendoTTS/data/voices folder you will find 3 folders, Charlotte, Soledad, and Susan.

And in each folder you will find 4 files and they are ridiculously long filenames.

Is this the way TT is doing them from now on?
The 930 app hasn't changed to my knowledge.

Tomtom stores the pre-recorded voices in the "voices" folder. And Tomtom stores the computer voices in the "LoquendoTTS" folder.

You probably didn't install any pre-recorded voices yet.
I created a "voices" folder and put the three files in it for a voice but it didn't work.

Do you have to tell the 930 they are there? I bet Im leaving out a step.
Normal recorded voices do still work on the 930, put the files in the "voices" folder (all lower case and without the "") Once they are on the device go to changes preferences/ Manage Voices/ Switch voice or it might be Change Preferences/ Voice Preferences/ Change voice depending upon what Navcore you have installed. From this option you can scroll through each of the installed voices and select the one you want - Mike
What a dork. I was doing it right all along, just blind I guess.

Works just fine.

You need viftool see Here for the download page, there are further links on that page for additional information on how it works - quite easy to be honest, and its the dataXX.chk that contains the voices not the vif file - Mike
I too need help installing a voice

I'm using a TomTom XL 330 S
MAC OS X with TomTom Home Software

Sorry, I read through this thread but I can't seem to make it work.

*I purchased Eddie Izzard's voice from his website.
*There was no "voices" folder in my TomTom directly so I made one (with a lower case v).
*Copied the files into the voices folder.
*Connected the TomTom to the computer.

** I put the voices folder in the root TomTom directory, then I tried putting it in under the Home folder, but neither worked.

First I tried using the "Manage my Device" through the TomTom Home software -- but it doesn't recognize the voices folder on the computer.

I connected and disconnected the TomTom -- because I read here that it should install them when you do that. But no joy, the Izzard voice still isn't an option on the TomTom.

What am I missing?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Edited to add: upon further reading in the forum, I double check "Use English Voices only" option - tried both NO and YES. Nope, still not there.

Update: I copied the files manually in the 'voices' folder on the device. The device still does not see the Izzard Voice as an option. I double checked the "Use English only' option and it doesn't seem it either way. HOWEVER, when I use TT Home, it shows me that the voice is there.
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Hey Mike have you happen to come across a Jamacian Yardie voice file for the Tom Tom? My wife is from the Island and I would love to suprise her with this custom voice. LOL I'm willing to purchase it. I've searched high and low and can't seem to locate it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
voices for tomtom via 160

i have a tomtom via 160 and want to change to a voice that i bought off the tomtom website how do i do this
Sadly, you can't.

The Via is one of the models for which the consumer has no access to the file system.

And while, in the last day or so, TomTom has started rolling out a new Navcore 10X application that allows for the adding of custom ov2 files, there is no provision for the addition of new voices.

Maybe in the future. Maybe.

EDIT - Since this was written, TomTom has added the functionality in their "MyTomTom" utility program to add the "real" voices but not the "Computer" (Text-to-speech) ones.
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I just bought a Tom Tom XXL I wanted to add the yardie voice to it. Can you please tell me how can I get the jamaican yardie voice on my navigation. Thank you in advance
ok if you have the tom tom my connect web app thingy, on windows in the "system tray" right clicking gives manage community content, it pull up your tom tom file system via ip and allow you to upload points of interest and voices. the zip file did not work i have to upload each part of the voice file manually one at a time starting with the larger voice data file.

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