how do i install voices on to my tomtom

Dec 28, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
Via 160
i purchased a tomtom via 160 today and i am runnin windows 7 but when i plug in my tomtom and install the software from the tomtom website i can connect my tomtom through the my tomtom software but it will not recognize the tomtom in computer as a removable storage device. it is listed in the devices/printers section but not in computer as a removable storage device.

i also installed tomtom home 2 but that software wont connect to the device.

i found the community content page and i have added the bmp, chk, and vif files but then after turnin off and on the tomtom the voice does not show in the list of voices.

i even renamed the files to data07.bmp data07.chk and data07.vif instead of data74.bmp data74chk and data74vif

Please help
The Via models require MyTomTom ( not Home 2. And your model will indeed show under network connections, not as a removable drive since the user has no access to the file system.

In the Add Community Content page of the MyTomTom's desktop icon, did you make sure you added the selected files to the Voices section and not the Sounds section?
Did you reset your unit by holding the power button about 10-15 seconds till you hear the drum sounds?
Try another set of voice files.
It should work, so we need to work out if you're doing something wrong or there is a problem with that particular voice.
Just to cut down on the variables, don't change the filenames on the next one you try.

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