How to manualy install voices

Feb 24, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
All of them :)
If your Voices are not working on your TomTom, you will need to reinstall them again and this will solve your problem.

To install your Voices to your TomTom, please do the following:

1) Log In to your TomTom account via the TomTom website:

TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems

2) Click on Plus Services.

3) On the Left hand side of the web page, is a link - Voices', please click on this.

4) Click onto ?Buy and Download Voices?, a list of speciality voices will appear and also a list of the free standard voices will appear e.g. Jane, Tim etc

5) Click on ?Download?, a grey box will appear, click on ?Save?.

6) The 'Save As' box will appear, make sure the 'Save In' drop down menu is selected as 'Desktop' and press save.

7) Once this file has downloaded, go to your desktop, right-click on the zip file, and select 'Extract'. Please Extract the file to your desktop. A set of files will appear on your desktop. They will be named ?Data00.vif? and ?Data00.chk? (00 is a number, e.g. 01 etc, it is different for each voice you download).

8) Select all of these files that have downloaded and copy them.

9) Connect your TomTom to your computer.

10) Open up 'My Computer'. The TomTom will show as a device drive e.g. TomTom (E:). Double click on this.

11) A list of yellow folders will appear, one of them will be named ?Voices?, please double click on this map folder.

12) Paste the files you have just copied into this folder. It will ask if you would like to overwrite the existing files, please select ?Yes? or ?OK?.

13) Switch off your TomTom and disconnect it from the PC and switch it back on again.

Your Voice files should now be installed onto your TomTom. You will need to ensure the voice is selected via the ?Change Voice? menu on your TomTom.

If this has not solved your issue, you will need to contact Tomtom.

- The Model of TomTom you have
- The Serial Number of your device, this can be found on the base of the unit by the Bar Code.


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