Install new map on old GO 520?

Discussion in 'Maps and Routing' started by Nåla-i-veggen, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Nåla-i-veggen


    Aug 22, 2017
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    Greetings from Norway!

    I have an old trusty GO 520 purchased in 2006, I think. Serial no. M22xxxx.

    I want to install the latest Scandinavia map but Home tells me the device is too old and no longer supported. I've installed a large 16gb SD card that I had lying around which Home recognises. There's definitely enough space on the card to fit the latest map.

    Is there really no way to install this latest map on the SD card?
    Nåla-i-veggen, Aug 22, 2017
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  2. Nåla-i-veggen

    canderson Moderator

    Dec 28, 2007
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    There is space, thanks to your addition, but there are no longer maps being made to support the native memory space of many of the older, smaller memory model devices - even those with 'external' memory card support. You can call tech support to see if they have any better information.

    Mandag-Fredag: 10:00 til 17:00
    canderson, Aug 22, 2017
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