[How To] Fix Favorites After Updating Your TomTom

Mar 11, 2012

I have noticed that there are tons of topics on these forums with members
having a nightmare of a time getting their favorites to work after updating their TomTom

For everyone who used to copy their Settings.cfg file back over to their maps folder
and now find that it is no longer working for them.

Its so simple even tomtom did not even think to tell you that they have changed the
file Settings.cfg to mapsettings.cfg

Just rename your old Settings.cfg to mapsettings.cfg and it will work like it used to.

I think it would be a good idea to have this information added into a Sticky or some kind
of f.a.q. so that 100's of people don't keep on asking the same question over and over.

I worked this out myself and because after seeing so may of tomtom support asking
members to convert this, install that, and do this, It did not make any sense at all for me.
and I was not going to install a ton of things that I knew were not going to work for me.

Anyway I only signed up to make this 1 post as I don't use these forums myself.

I just wanted to let everyone know who is having these problems. Rather than
going all around the houses looking for an answer - its just 1 second file rename to
correct tomtom's big problem.

Sorry, but you don't provide correct information. The file IS called mapsettings.cfg and it never is originally named Settings.cfg.

So, the tip still stands for users of pre Navcore 10.X units; namely, copy the mapsettings.cfg file from the old backed up map to the new map folder and you normally get your favourites, recent destinations, home location back.
mapsettings.cfg - only seen on the TomTom iPhone app and TT Navigator

MapSettings.cfg - used on all TomTom NAV2 hardware versions

Not sure how your post helped to be honest, Nathan!
(But it did remind me that we need to move one of the previous walkthrough's that several of the mods and the regulars on this forum have written on this topic, into the "Articles" FAQs section).
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