Suggested temporary fix for WNRO (stuck on midnight 00:00)

May 12, 2019
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TomTom Rider 2nd Edition
I have a TomTom Rider 2nd Edition (also called a "2013" I think) and it has the GPS Week Number Rollover issue.
It seems to be taking TomTom a long time to come up with a fix so I'm asking here if TomTom could do a "temporary" fix, which is basically to STOP the device synching the time with the GPS network.

There's an option on the device to set the time, you enter the current time and then click DONE. Simple. Why not just leave it at that, but no, as soon as you walk outside and it picks up a GPS signal, it ignores the time you entered and goes back to midnight.

It must be easy to do a firmware update to just use the time entered manually and NOT to sync with the GPS system. i.e. disable something rather than try and fix it.

I'm sure this would make a lot of users very happy.
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What an excellent idea. You should contact TomTom about it.

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