How to enable Visible/Audible warnings for Speed/Red Light/Safety Cameras in XL340S

Dec 29, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
TomTom Model(s)
XL 340S
Hi Everyone,

I just bought my XL 340S a few days back and I'm very new to this community. I am not able to understand how I will enable Visible & Audible warnings for Speed/Red Light/Safety Cameras in my Tomtom XL 340S? I tried to search through the forums but couldn't find all the information. Is there a way I can tweak my 340S to make it work? Your help will be very much appreciated.

I have App ver: 9.056 and Map: v860.2131 on my 340S.

In the main menu, select Services. Then safety cameras. Then warn when near (or 'Enable alerts')
Thanks. I was able to Enable Safety Alerts in my TomTom device. I was able to add the Safety Camera application files through Home. I also received one Safety Camera update today evening. I checked and found all the correct files in the device map folder and also in my Home computer folder in My Documents.

However, Safety camera visual/audio warnings are not working when I am traveling through City streets.

Also, I am not able to see Safety Cameras as a POI category. Should Safety Cameras appear as a POI category? If yes, how do I add this to my POI list? How will I make Safety Cameras warnings to work?

Any help in this regard will be very much appreciated.
Safety cameras supplied by TomTom are no longer treated as POI files, they are in the ov2 file type by name but even the data within the file is not of the same format as normal ov2 files.

If you aren't getting the alerts and you have them switched on it could be down to the poor quality of the database, not all cameras at the roadside will be known by the TomTom - Mike

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