Big Trouble with "Security Lock Enabled"

Jan 2, 2008
I've been known to, stupidly, connect the car power adapter into my TomTom AFTER I've already turned it on with battery power.
I suspect I've done the opposite too, pulling the power without turning the TomTom off.

So, when I do this, I get a prompt in the lower left hand corner of the screen: "Security Lock Enabled" (I'm working from memory...if those aren't the exact words, they're close).

When this happens, I am locked out from changing any functions, entering new addresses, re-routing...anything!

I can NOT figure out how to by-pass, work-around or delete this function.

I know the obvious answer and will work on it, but if it happens on the road, I am really in trouble as I make deliveries for a living.


Safety Preferences-->UNcheck 'Show Fewer Menu Options when driving'

That should do it.............:)
Thanks, dhn, but.

I recently used TT menu builder to re-build my menus. I did not include "safety features" (did I even have the choice? hmmmm?)
I have reset TT to factory defaults but my menus are still the edited versions.

Upon starting the Menu building software again...there IS NO "safety features" option.

So...having never saved the original factory default .mnu file...where can I get it?
I think (but am not sure) if you rename your custom menu, it'll boot into the normal one where you xcan make the change. Then rename back the custom menu you are using......

Something like that ...........:confused:
That should work. :)

The original menu structure is still there - it's built into the software.
When you add a custom menu it just reads that instead.

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