big tomtom one xl predicament. basic files needed (or miracle!)

Oct 13, 2010
ive a slight problem with my tomtom so i though iid sign up here as it was recommended by a friend and start moaning about my device!

quite simply ive got a faulty oneXL. the usb slot is damaged slightly and require you to hold the lead, at a slight angle to charge or connect to a computer. this is pointless and obviously needs fixing. ive asked an electrician who told me that it can be done nut there is a risk of damaging the board removing it.

so i got hold of 2 broken tom toms to try and make one good one. problem is the new ones (broken) have a software fault.
first one- sticks on the splash screen (logo) and my pc cant see it, anywhere, even after a proper reset. couldnt see this until i put my screen on it (the old one was broken)

second one- has a broken reset button, and goes past splash screen and onto a screen asking me for an sd card. the guy i got them off tells me this one has no internal memory. (i guess he means it wont load like a normal one with the hard drive bar at the bottom) and needs a card in it. so i put a new card in and it asks me to remove it. my computer also fails to see this device

sorry for the long 1st post but here is what im asking before i get my soldering iron out and butcher the lot.

can i download somewhere the basic files and operating system (i guess it all has the same sort of info on it) from the net. put it on an sd card and load it into the broken tomtom?

this would be possible i guess from my original tomtom but in trying this with a faulty usb connection ive managed to lose everything during the copying process (was having a really bad day!) the unit stilll works but the 900 or so mb's of data that were on it originally are gone and my computer hasnt saved it either. so i need to try to locate these files to save the guts of at least one unit.

any takers? hope this isnt too confusing. ive tried to see a way around this but without a warranty to throw back at them im stuck.

any help or suggestion appreciated

If you do not have a backup of your map and are sure everything is lost on your unit, unless your map on the unit was an upgrade (in which case you'll find it on your computer here:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\maps\ )

then frankly what you are trying to do is a waste of time. You'll still need to repurchase your map.

The operating system can be downloaded from tomtom using Home and it is free.

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