Big Thankyou to TomTom !

Sep 14, 2019
St Albans
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TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Rider 2013
My 2013 TomTom Rider had an issue with 'week number rollover' and stopped handling time correctly.
It's getting old, but it's a brilliant device - robust, beautifully made, my version had lifetime map updates ... and it does the 'twisty doads' route planning. I was seriously worried that it would never work properly again.

I raised a ticket with support, but my hunch was that TomTom had enough on their plate without issuing fixes for old devices a few generations back. I needn't have worried though. TomTom sent me a note that an update was available, I installed it and all was well.

All was not quite well though, as the TomTom Home app was giving a server error when I tried to do a map update. I tried several times on different PCs and same problem. I raised another ticket with support last week. All fixed this week and now everything is well and truly ... well.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to TomTom for continuing to support their customer base in the use of their older devices. When I do decide to upgrade my nav device, TomTom will still be at the top of my list, in no small part due to their excellent customer service.

cheers, Andrew.
This site is not associated with Tomtom the company in any official manner, just a user to user peer group. That said, thanks for reporting your (ultimately) positive experience. You may wish to also make a post on Tomtom's official forum at

And welcome to TTF!
Really nice to hear that.
The reason why this forum exists is because we all like our TomTom and, as dhn said, we like to help each other.

In case you have not done it already make a final reply on your ticket and tell them that you are pleased. They are "just doing their job" but, as all of us, like to hear that they do something right.

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