Big time problems with xxl 540 s

Aug 13, 2007
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Just bought one from craigslist that had a flashing x.I figured i could fix it pretty easly boy was i wrong.I have been messing with it on and off most of Sunday.i have four various tt s and have bought sme off ebay and fixed them,they worked just had software problems.what is the most recent navcore for this model?i have plugged it into tthome and let it dl the lastest apllication and cant get it to work ,i know it never gives a ttgo,bif,it will not let me operate my tt in home and no mapshare.any help would be great.
Think 9.061 is the latest application.

If you delete all the loose files (NO folders) in the root of the unit and connect to Home, are you not offered an application to install?
yes i have tried that it gives me application for 530xxl and it is 8.550,but for some reason it doent install everything im always missing the ttgo.bif.
no it didnt appear once shut off and back on.flashing red x still.hopefully its some software issue and i can figure it out.
Yes, there's a bug in the HOME installation flow for XXLs. App 8.550 is installed, but won't run.

Follow the steps here to directly install app 9.061, and you should be fine. Or course you'd need to either have an existing map on the device or purchase one.
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Thanks will try this.just talked to two techies at tomtom and both were helpful but didnt say anything about what you just posted.they seem to think that the hard drive is bad and making me think this also.i have been messing with this thing for countless hours sunday and monday.just tried it and didnt work ,did i need old 8550 first i tried it with it formated.i think its done.bought it thinking i could get it to work.
I would be more inclined to trust mvl.... (I'd put a smiley there, but they aren't working tonight)
A lot of the "clever ones" are there now (when you hit "more") but the basic panel still looks like this to me:
So do you think it will still work?i have tried all kinds of fixes but to no avail.makes me think the hard drive is messed up,almust ready to give up and sell it.
Follow the steps here to directly install app 9.061, and you should be fine.

reggavegga - Have you done what MVL suggested??

The XXL540 does not have a hard drive. It has a 2gb solid state flash card. Since you are copying over and deleting various files - probably nothing wrong with the storage.

A complete FORMAT of the card - using Windows - (and not quick format) followed by MVL instructions - might help.

Then you have to purchase a map; and if you want lifetime maps and lifetime traffic - have to purchase those as well...

Not at all sure how you would advertise to sell a device which you consider toast - and which you have been working on for almost a week... That doesn't seem quite fair.

The XXL540TM sells for $125.49 (including shipping) new - and with warranty - when shopping diligently. They are being phased out.

TT support is frankly - a major joke. You have to call a dozen times, and really fight - to possibly get someone who doesn't just tell you WHATEVER - to get you off the phone... because that is mostly what they do...

If it is possible to get this 540 working - you should first backup all the junk which is currently on it - using Windows Explorer. Set to "show all files, and show known extensions.) Then you should FORMAT the device in Windows (have to login as Administrator /or have admin authority); and then you should follow MVL's instructions.

If you are not able to get it working by following helpful instructions from this forum - you should throw the device away; and go on with life.

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Just because i cant figure it out doesnt mean someone else cant figure it out.Also if i did sell it just want my money back 25 bucks.Maybe someone can fix it or use for parts.I have tried what MVL suggested but with no luck maybe im doing something wrong but maybe someone thats knows more than i do can fix it.
Sheesh!! I was thinking of possibly trying to make a $5 dollar deal with you; and I'd attempt to fix it and give it away to a friend who could use one...

but checking into TT website - just the lifetime maps sell for $100

TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems - TomTom Maps - Shop

Then add in the cord for traffic...

Prices are way to competitive on New ones with warranty to make that plan feasible. Sorry.

I dont need the traffic and i have a back up with map..just got it hoping to fix it and give it to girlfriend.Just debating on getting rid of it.I see quite a few on ebay that are as is for 20 bucks or better.
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I dont need the traffic and i have a back up with map. Just got it hoping to fix it and give it to girlfriend. Just debating on getting rid of it.I see quite a few on ebay that are as is for 20 bucks or better.
If your plan was to restore the map backup from another TomTom you have, that won't work. Maps are tied to devices through their model number/serial number.
Follow the steps in my earlier link about installing app 9.061. Then copy the USA_Canada_Mexico folder onto the Tomtom from the backup.

See if it now starts up.

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