Help I can't do coordinates!!

Nov 16, 2010
coordinates and your xxl 550tm tom tom

Everyone is making a big deal of this apparent oversight (probably some guy in his underwear that works for Garmin).

Yes, you cannot enter coordinates - well grow up you whiners. It is actually much easier. Simply go to the place on the map - you can be there or you can select on map - and set as a POI - name it anything you like. And if you go there the unit will give you the coordinates. So quit whining - tissue? Crybaby!:cool:



Dec 28, 2007
Colorado, USA
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Simply go to the place on the map -
Not easy to do unless you already KNOW where you're going. One of the reasons I use a GPS is because there are times that I know ONLY the coordinates and don't really want to (or even can) wander off to Google maps or somewhere to find out exactly where they point, and need my GPS to take me there all by itself.

Your use model shouldn't be assumed to match the needs of other GPS users. You wouldn't believe all the things that other people do with these things. Consider organizing a cargo drop via aircraft and telling the pickup team on the ground "Well, if you look at your map, out in that field out there to the west of town -- see, by the little trees there.." not.
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