Go Premium X has died I think!

Jul 21, 2011
Hi All,
I've had my Go Premium X for 18 months and it's always worked ok, I made a few longish journeys last week and 3 times it kind of went haywire with the map spinning back and forth randomly so I had to clear route and re-enter, it also randomly went into voice control mode several times telling me "I'm listening" so I had to hit the 'back' arrow to get back to the nav screen.

I was using it this afternoon but while driving the screen went black and is now totally dead. Was being powered from a TomTom USB Outlet plugged into the cigarette lighter which was plugged into the mount.
I have tried holding the on/off button down but nothing happens. I plugged the lead directly into the device by-passing the mount and also plugged it into a USB socket on my PC but nothing! I can't even get it powered up to back up my saved places!

Anybody got any ideas or is it a warranty repair job?



Do you have an AC mains charger (something hefty, like 1 amp or more) that you can use to charge it for a few hours? Also: use a different cable when you do this. If you've got the setup in the vehicle where the cord and charger are separate, we don't want to use either of those pieces to do our investigation.
Hi, I don't have an AC charger but the TomTom 12v outlet puts out 2.1 amps, but I have just tried a different lead plugged into the USB socket on my PC. After 5 minutes I got a red battery outline on the screen but it was only there for a few seconds, 5 minutes later it bleeped a couple of times and the screen started flashing up various icons and parts of a map, now 15 minutes later it's showing the screen you normally see at start up with current location etc.
I'll leave it charging for a few hours and let you know how it goes.

Merry Christmas,


It will probably take a while to charge on the PC since it's likely that it supplies only 500mA, but this does sound like a good start,
Sounds as though the cable you were using in the car is kaput. Glad you had another one to try.

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