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Jun 16, 2024
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Hi Forum members. Can anyone give me some advice please?

I have a GO 6200 (WiFi) with free lifetime maps, live traffic, and speed camera updates. This has served me very well over the past couple of years.

However, I now have 2 problems. The first, is that live traffic stopped working a few weeks ago. All I get now is the grey cross on the car in the corner. I can tether to my phone and all is good, but that defeats the object of having a TT with a built in sim.

I contacted TT technical and all they would say is that it would need a sim repair at TT and it would cost me £150...........I might as well buy a new one if it's going to coct that!

Does anyone know if this is a fix that can be done outside of TT tech services? (high street vendor?)

That brings me on to my second query. I have been looking at a new TT, and I've had an email from TT offering 35% off, which is lovely, but when I look into the package you get, none of them are offering what I get with my current model (free lifetime updates on maps and speed cameras etc), plus, it appears that live traffic is only available via tethering to a phone and not from an in built sim.

Is this correct? Are the lifetime services no longer available as standard, or is there some other way of getting all this included?
And do you not get live traffic from the TT unit any more?

This is the reason I came to TT in the first place, but if they've stopped these services, I'll go elsewhere.

I'd appreciate any thoughts please.
Try this FAQ: https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360014530220-Traffic-or-LIVE-Services-not-working

To the 2nd question
the maps are always free for life.
there is a charge for speed cameras.
for traffic it's free but you must connect your GPS to a smartphone.
Thanks Willy875, I have tried all that, before contacting TT, but I'll go through the process again just to be sure!

Just to re-iterate your response to query 2, are you saying that new TT units no longer come with free speed camera updates, or an in-built sim for live traffic?
Yes, on some GPS the radars are free for the first year or a few months for other GPS after which you must take out a subscription to the radars.
It's possible that your SIM was deactivated. Might want to ask TomTom about that.
Is the 3G system getting switched off. You may need a 4G upgrade if this is possible.
Is the 3G system getting switched off. You may need a 4G upgrade if this is possible.
Hi @7numlock -
A GO 6200 and your GO Premium has a built in 2G SIM operating on the Vodafone network. This should still be good for quite a number of years yet in the U.K. Built in SIMs on these devices cannot be upgraded, only replaced.

@NeddTwo -

You stated that the built in SIM was working a few weeks ago, have you tried a factory reset?
To your knowledge - has the device sustained a shock, or been dropped since it was working ok?
It could be that the SIM has been dislodged, or in some cases, possibly have some form of dried moisture contamination, especially if the device is constantly left in the vehicle over long periods of time.

You could try removing the SIM which I believe is located under the GO 6200’s serial number label and gently cleaning it (no abrasives).
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Is the 3G system getting switched off. You may need a 4G upgrade if this is possible.
All SIM cards on Tomtom GPS are only 2G, there is no 3G and even less 4G.
If the SIM is disabled I think the best thing is to connect the GO 6200 to a smartphone to receive live traffic.
Some of the TomTom 'commercial' devices (TomTom Bridge) are 3G capable.

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