downloaded map but map is not on device

Aug 13, 2014
TomTom Model(s)

I wonder if someone could help me. I have a tomtom XM. i purchased a map of france and the map downloaded but it does not appear on my device. there was enough space for the map so that is not the problem. is there anything else i can be doing or is my model too old to support the new map or what? comments welcome.

Did Home show it as being installed?

On the device, when you go to manage maps-->switch maps, what shows there?
you're right. i found the function switch map. and guess what, the france map is there. so, can i take it that i have to switch my UK and Ire map off in order to use the french one? yes, that worked perfectly. Thank you so very much dhn. Merci bien. You Canadians speak a bit of the French ;)
Some Canadians (not I sadly) speak a lot of French. We are a bilingual country, after all. Strangely, the only official bilingual province is NOT Quebec.
I'm not sure the French believe what's spoken there is really la langue française:).

It's always fascinated me to understand exactly which language is supposed to be being protected and how any particular era of the language was chosen as 'sacred'. An English speaker with a wide vocabulary can do extraordinarily well with the language of the Normands ca 10th c, which says a great deal about how language changes .. but of course, that's not the French language that the L'Académie française is trying to protect!

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