Do new downloaded maps overwrite the old, or do they add to it?

Sep 29, 2008
I had an old TomTom that I recently replaced with a Via 1605TM.

I noticed that I only have a few megabytes of free space remaining on the Via.

With the old models, the maps where overwritten or replaced when you downloaded a new one, but it's been a few years and I want to make sure this is still the case.

So, the next time I download a free map update, will it just overwrite the old one, or do I need to run out and buy an SD card?
Normally the new map overwrites the old one. However, if the new one is so large in size (because of additional information), you would just be offered a zoned map or, a suggestion might be made to add a micro sdhc card. If I were you and the Via can take a card (think the slot is just where you plug in the cable), I would. A 8 gb card with a fast speed (class 10).

Also, take a look at THIS

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