Why Downloaded Mapshares appear NOT to be applied -- a theory

Discussion in 'Maps and Routing' started by dhn, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. dhn

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    Oct 1, 2007
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    The following relates only to a pc. Sorry, but I don't know how certain files are stored or where on a Mac. Also, I don't know what European TomTom Home will show....

    Anyway, assuming the mapshare downloads is working :D which it isn't at the moment ....

    If you open TomTom Home and in the menu option Mapshare Preferences, you are led to a screen for which you want the mapshares; it lists each state and Canada and you have the option to select what mapshares you want to receive.

    Now then, if you use Explorer, navigate on your computer to 'Documents and Settings' -->(User)-->'Local Settings'-->'Temp'. If you are not totally anal :eek: by clearing this folder every day, you will see a bunch of files listed, included many labelled something like 'TomTomMapsharepatch' and a number after the file.

    If you open one of these patch files in Notepad, you'll see a lot of what appears to be tags and numbers, etc. But, if you scroll through one closely, you will be able to detect a 'country' tag of US and 'subcountry' tags with a state abbreviation followed by information. I assume the information means that changes for somewhere in that specific state are included in that patch.

    Well, let's say that back in TomTom Home you did NOT have, for example, Texas checked off but the patch does show a subcountry tag for TX.

    So, my theory is that you've downloaded a patch but the change won't be applied (to the numbers that show in the little box in TTHome) because you have NOT checked off TX as one of the states you want the changes for.

    I'm probably wrong but, hey, I said it was just a theory:eek:

    Anyway, by looking at these patch files, you can see for what states (and maybe Canada) each patch did have mapshare changes for. Exactly what the numbers, etc, mean, well you'd need to know the code that TT uses and that's not likely.

    Finally, in this 'temp' folder, I actually DID see one TomTompoipatch file for March 16th. A few of us did receive something then, nothing for months before and nothing since.

    And yes, you can delete any files you see in this folder.
    dhn, Apr 4, 2008
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  2. dhn


    Dec 9, 2007
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    Jericho, VT
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    TomTom Go 920
    I personally think that's a pretty valid theory and makes the most sense of any other explanation I've heard.
    Birdman, Apr 4, 2008
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  3. dhn


    Mar 19, 2008
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    Since the 7.48 and 7.481 updates I have not gotten any Mapshare updates showing at all in TT Home for my 920. I have the 7.15 NA map and TT Home shows that I have about 5038 or so updates applied and that I'm up to date. Prior to these two updates I was getting Mapshare updates about every other if not every day.
    I've been advised by someone to remove a Mappatch file from the NA map which may trigger TT Home to resend them. I'm a little apprehensive doing this. Are any others doing this with any success?
    pappasbike, Apr 4, 2008
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