Feb 26, 2011
Seattle, WA (Where it RAINS all the time...)
TomTom Model(s)
TT got me to pull in my fangs. Day I post this - they finally FIX the problem. (and It was fixed before I posted)

So, I'm shutting down the thought of a CALS.

But I was very peeved. The XXL540TM is now working fine.

TomTom's website manuals located at: Find Answers

Now TT's pdf manual for the XXL550TM does give instructions for various functions which the device does not do.... But - I don't own one...

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Others are saying that the Operate My XXL issues may have been fixed today.

Is yours working now on app 9.061?
Hey MVL - I don't believe it! ROFL

I post the above about starting a CL; my wife leaves to go to Staples to purchase another unit - thinking that it might be real 'old' because of their prices; and then tgold posts his post...

Anyway - YEP - this morning it wasn't working. NOW, logged into Home, and it offered to download a file... Emulator starts working, set a password etc.

So, yep - it is now working. What are the odds?? Just getting all fired up to do a lawsuit....

(I assume it is going to work on the new map, etc. I haven't updated anything yet...)

I don't own a XXL550. Not sure if anyone is interested in pursuing something with regards to that...

HEY - thanks a lot MVL for all of your help!

D. :)
I suspect you'll be fine with the map update, but make a backup just in case.

You may need to ask Tomtom phoone support to move you lifetime activation to the warranty swap device.

I suspect the server team was focused on app 10.x maps first, as this got fixed the day after the maps were fixed.

As far as the 550 I think it does everything the box says it does.

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