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Jul 23, 2009
North Yorkshire
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I notice that a new road classification is being shown on UK Maps ie A1M E15 Any suggestions as to what this might mean>
Think it was a renaming of some other roads in previous maps but not sure. You can ask support:

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A1M meas that traffic which is allowed on an A road can be there too although it is already meeting (M) Motorway conditions.
E + number is a designation for a European stretch of roads.

If you open Google maps and look at the E65 you will see that it goes from the Baltic sea via the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary to the Adriatic coast in Croatia.

Just had a look at the A1, London to Edinburgh, but did not see the E15 designation. Where did you find that?
(Looking at the Wiki after a Google E15 was an after thought.)
The E15 appeared here the M classification appeared between Leeds and the A14 peel off at Alconbury

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