Charging a 'GoLIve 1005', and other devices maybe ?

Feb 15, 2016
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TomTom Model(s)
Obsolescent Go Live 1005 Camper
I have a GO Live 1005 Camper, which came with a lead which can be connected to either a computer USB or to a USB adaptor which fits into a vehicle cigarette lighter socket.
My question is, can the charging device which came with my old TomTom Go 730 be used to charge the GO Live 1005 ?
The output of this charging device, Model Number: AO5T2-O5MU, is 5 volts at 1.0 Amps. The info on the data label on the 1005 unit states; 5V DC at 1.2 Amps.
It would seem to be compatible.
Any advice would be welcome, as there is only reference to charging from a PC or Cigarette lighter socket mentioned in the Instructions.
We would not wish to invalidate any warranty clauses, would we ?
Have a look at the device and of the cable.
My GO 930 uses a Mini USB plug and so should be your GO 730, both introduced in 2008.

I suspect that your GO Live 1005 uses a Micro USB plug, like my GO Live 1435, which means they are incompatible.
I use the Micro USB cable that came with my cell phone on the latter without problems.
The lead provided for the 1005 unit has the USB connector on one end, and the other has a complex magnetic connector, probably only utilised by TomTom, which has a myriad of connections, about 20 of them.
I realise that unless it is possible to determine which wires/connectors carry the current, as compared with the old charger unit, then using it may do more harm than good.
I was just curious if anybody had tried to use the old charger, and blown their device to smithereens,................ that would be useful to know, eh ?
If your magnetic mount is anywhere like the one for my GO 600, it will have the regular TomTom angled micro connector plugged into it underneath.

It is similar, but we are drifting off the issue which was the ability to use the mains charger mentioned earlier, instead of having to charge it from a PC USB input or the vehicle cigarette lighter charger/adaptor.
Never mind. Noted you are talking about MAINS charger...
Net: Using a 1.0A charger or 1.2A @5V USB charger will only make a minor difference in charging time, nothing more. His problem is really only one of connector types.
The 720 didn't have a dock, and I don't recall that the 730 did, either ... just a USB mini-B connector on the bottom. It wasn't until the 740 that they started supplying dock-only power (no USB connector on bottom of unit).
So if he has a 730, there should be a mini-B on the bottom, and he probably has a regular 5V 1.0A charger with a mini-B connector on it for his 'mains' 730 charger.

If I understand correctly, he's wondering if he can find a way to use the 730 mains charger with mini-B to charge his 1005. As he notes, the 1005 has a really different magnetic mount.

In the OP's shoes, rather than making a dog's breakfast of the existing situation, I'd just get a decent USB wall wart and plug the 1005's USB cable into that for charging. Something along these lines would do nicely >>

The fact that it is capable of delivering 2.1A just means it won't be working quite as hard to deliver the 1.2A that the 1005 will draw when charging. The 1005 will self-regulate the current it draws. Using an underachiever charger (1.0A) will just slow down the charging process a bit.
Canderson, my 720 does indeed sit on a dock. I presume the 730 does as well......

Sorry -- I meant the SPECIAL dock that the 740 has that does NOT connect to the device using anything remotely resembling a USB connection. The 720/730 docks (I still have my old 720) had a normal USB connector (Mini-B) that fit to the bottom of the device as though a normal Mini-B cable was being connected. The 720/7730 could be connected without a dock, and in fact, as delivered when I purchased mine, it was an extra cost item. All you got was the USB cable.

The 740 uses something else entirely, so you cannot just plug a mains charger with cable into the bottom of the 740. It REQUIRES the dock that was supplied with the unit. The 720/7730 could be connected without a dock, and as delivered in NAM, it was an extra cost item.

It all has to do with the Active Dock that they sold for in-vehicle use in Europe. Lots more pins for this and that.

My dock came with my 720 in September 2007. Of course the whole package back then was almost $600 CDN.
Yikes! I think I paid US$349 for my 720 when purchased in 2007 and thought that was a bunch. Guess I bought the el cheapo bundle. Mine wasn't a 720T .. did you get the one with the RDS receiver as part of the deal?

I can't recall what they were selling the 'Fast Charging Home Dock' (9M00.005) for as an accessory back then, but I figured I could live with 500mA charge off my PC's USB port if I needed it.
The 930 came with a straight Mini to CLA cable and a USB connected cradle. which only projects a Mini plug at the bottom.

There were no Mains chargers with the unit. If the OP has one for his 720, it must be an after market unit.

I have no idea what the mount of a 1005 looks like but presume it to be like the 1605, which I never had either. I also was given to understand that the latter is not identical to the GO 5/6 xx/xxx ones.
No, the 1005 mount didn't look anything like the 1605. The 1605 was just a suction cup on a pivot mounted on the back of the unit like all of the lower end Via units.
:) Thanks for all that chaps !
I am now pretty much of the opinion that short of buying a separate charger as described by 'canderson', it would be as well to just rely upon the charging options that I already have, i.e. the USB port on my PC, or the USB adaptor for the vehicle cigarette lighter.
Pity really, having a mains charger would have been handy.
............ and, yes, the 730 had a cradle and of course the 1005 does not.
Thanks again one and all.

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