Can't find Cal.txt in Tomtom Toyota II

Jun 14, 2017
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My touchscreen has acquired an offset down and to the right - so the "done" button is inaccessiblr. I know its old (7 years but still works fine - except for the touchscreen. Where is the Cal.txt file in the Tomtom directory for this model? Or is there another way of recalibrating it?
So we're clear with David's links up front, there is no cal.txt unless/until you create one to override the factory default setting. So follow his links on how to create your own if necessary.
im having the same model and same problem as you.

i have tried with calib.txt and cal.txt (i tried both separately not clashing both) neither seem to change anything for me. I have tried to change the calib and then rebooting and checking the firmware touchscreen calib data (the black screen that displays all the versions details) it still displays the default data unchanged even though i have changed the MinY values.

Could this be because my Navcore version is too old (TTgo.bif shows the navcore version to be ApplicationVersionVersionNumber=7828 and ApplicationVersion=8821 im guessing that should be pre 8.051) thus it doesnt work with calib or cal? would there be a way to update the navcore version then? (i have used tomtom home everything is updated to the latest though but the version number is still 7828)

or perhaps the calib / cal values are actually changed but it would not display the updated values in the touchscreen calib data screen?
See other thread regarding possible .txt.txt problem.

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