XXL540TM can't find "valid GPS signal"

Feb 20, 2010
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 500 2405TM XXL540TM
I've had the unit for over a year and it has worked fine until today. Coming home I turned it on and hit "navigate to home." 20 minutes later it was still trying to connect.

I just hooked it up to TomTom Home and updated it. I then went outside and after 12 minutes still no connection.

Any ideas? I'm ok with going to factory reset if you think that may help.
I only use it about once a month.

Thank you
Rather than a factory reset, I'd recommend a 'hard' reset (it won't upset your configuration settings, either). Press and hold the power button on the unit for 20 seconds until you see the TomTom logo and hear the drums start, and then immediately release the button. After the reboot, take it back outside and see if you can get a fix. Let us know one way or the other.
In addition to canderson's suggestions, you might also try mvl's recommendation of doing a route demo:


1) do the pin reset
2) keep updating in HOME repeatedly until it offers nothing new
3) do a route demo from your location to a few feet away from your location
4) go outside with a clear view of the southern sky
5) stop the route demo, and then go into the satellite status screen (with all the bars)
6) wait on this screen until it gets signal
It does work today!

Thank you! I did get a drum roll yesterday also but hey, it's working now.

Secondly, CAnderson, I also have Galaxy Nexus and I'm curious as to how you like your Adroid TomTom app and how is it different than the Google nav that comes with the G Nex?

Thank you both again,

Night and day between the TomTom and 'native' navigation apps. User interface is quite different, and the TomTom version has the advantage of being able to have HD Traffic added to it. I really can't speak for how Google is managing traffic. They have the option for adding traffic as a 'layer', and certainly you can see bits of green, yellow and red, but I have no idea where that information is coming from nor how well it assists in planning a route.

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