I think I have an easy request....XXL540TM my best bet??

Jan 31, 2012
I've looked at the chart provided here, I've tried TomTom's site....but I still need your help please.

I really loved my TomTom One 2nd Ed. It died. I would like the closest thing to it that I can find!

I really liked:
--the itinerary feature so I can save the route I decided to take
--it asking me for fastest versus shortest route

I have tried three or four models and have returned them.

I like from new TomToms I have tried:
--live traffic
--camera notifications
--lane guidance

I do not need bluetooth, google, yelp, voice recognition, etc.

I *think* my needs are pretty simple. Someone mentioned the XXL540TM. Is this my best bet??

THANK YOU!!!! :)
If you are looking for itinerary planning, then yes, one of the remaining XXL540TM units is your best bet. NONE of the newest units support that feature. We have no idea why. MANY of us think this dropping of itinerary planning was one of TT's poorer moves regarding features on the latest models. There remains hope that it will return some day, but I'm not holding my breath.

The newer (and older) units will allow you to plan shortest or fastest routes, anything in the last few years will have lane guidance, but .. big but .. the only unit that provided both Live traffic services and itinerary planning was the 740 Live, and those are out of production and REALLY hard to find here these days. I'm VERY glad I got one while I had the chance. The 540 does not have "Live" traffic -- it uses the RDS-TMC method for traffic which doesn't cover as many streets and isn't updated as often.

Apart from the lesser version of traffic, the 540 would still be a good bet for your needs.
THANK YOU!! Really, it's like having too big of a menu with too many ingredients...and not understanding some of the ingredients. I figured I'd come to the experts. Thanks for the note about the traffic. I;ll look into it and see if it fits my needs.

I'm so happy to have found you guys. I've hated the last few TomToms, I'm glad you could guide me in the right direction!
The XL340S LIVE also has all the features you mention (including itinerary planning). Just make sure the model says "LIVE" at the end.

It's similarly discountinued and hard to find, but that at least gives you a second choice in your search.

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