XXL540TM is doesn't get deader than this.

Jul 28, 2015
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A very dead XXL540TM
So here we are. TT support hasn't been able to help me and now, is suggesting that it is 1) my computer, 2) my AV program, 3) my firewall, 4) the cables, 5) the phases of the moon.

So I turn to the gurus of the "unofficial TT support". I can product pictures of almost anything. I have the boot screen, the diskcheck screen, the system information, etc.

Here's the story.

After using TT for about 30 minutes. I turned it off. Returned to car to find that TT had turned itself on and was stuck at the "hands" startup screen.

I have truly tried everything both here and the 'official' site. TT Support finally told me to format the TT. Too bad that didn't work. I followed the multistep post here with raising levels of severity, including the clear flash tool. Nada.

I can start with a totally clean TT. Let it link to TT through the latest version of TTH. Let it download the 530s/540s application. It then reboots itself and gets stuck at the startup screen. A hard reset turns if off. A short press restarts it, it connect and logs itself in and demands to be updated. I let it do that and there's nothing to update. Back at the index level, the 'backup' & 'operate' icons are grayed out. I've even installed a previous backup I had saved on a remote hard drive. Nada, same result.

I have done this over 6 times. Hours upon hours spent /wasted. I'm currently looking for a new unit. TT has decided that now for traffic you have to have a smartphone, in so doing they have eliminated themselves from consideration. So it's either a refurb TT or the other Guys. The feeling I'm getting is that the 15x and the 2x series are problem children too.

This is now more of a challenge than a need. But if you want to take a crack at it, please do.

thanks for listening.
Just so there's no question -- please provide the first two letters of your unit's serial number. I would guess it will be "RX".

First, do you have a backup of the map that was on this unit before everything went south? You may have done it manually, or you may have done it using Home. Alternately, since you have a TM model, did you ever update your maps? If any of those are true, we should be in good shape as long as you've still got the PC that was used for any of those.

Next, you say "Let it download the 530s/540s application". Please advise where and how this was downloaded. By any chance was it done manually via a link like this? http://download.tomtom.com/sweet/navcore/9.061.xxl2009_tts.CAB-navcore-XXL.cab
You DO have a backup, correct? Worth a shot, maybe........ try this:

connect to the computer and at a command prompt, type chkdsk X: /f where X = the drive Windows assigns to the 540 device. See if anything comes of it.
Once we've gotten to the bottom of things, and since it's very likely that he can either grab a map he already has or can get another with his TM subscription, I'm thinking of a full FAT32 format along with the content mentioned above to get him started again.
Thanks for the replies.....

Yes, I have multiple backups some by TTH and some manual using win-explorer(my computer).

Yes, I routinely update my maps. Because of the new maps being too big, I couldn't really update for a while until they created the map zones. I finally updated successfully the night before everything went south.

I've formatted, full not quick, to the "default" and the "fat32" options alternately probably 4 times already. Before I try something new (I've read) I format it for a clean install.

When the 540 does connect to the computer, and that is everytime I connect, I can 'see' it in win/explorer and it is given a drive letter. I have a pic of the chkdsk file at home. I'll post it later today.

Meanwhile, here's something to read in the loo. Anywhere you see 'XXXX' there is info there, I just deleted it for this printing. If you need to see it let me know.

System Information

Profile folder = C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\TomTom\HOME\Profiles\wnrdm5he.default
Installation folder = C:\Program Files\TomTom HOME 2
Plugins folder = C:\Program Files\TomTom HOME 2\xul\plugins
Data folder = C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\TomTom\HOME
Version =
Language = en-US
User name = XXXXXXX
Login status = User is logged in
Server = https:xxxx//home.tomtom.com/redir/
Connection settings = Direct connection to the Internet (default)
Installed add-ons = Map status indicator 1.7.1, TomTom HOME default theme 1.0.2
Name = TomTom XXL
Device Code = AKSG6BSD5J
Serial number = RX2051BXXXXX
Capabilities =
Storage devices = Hard disk (G) - Active ***had to delete a few characters as it was changing them into smilies***

Installed Items = program/Navigator 9.510, suspendscreen/antitheftw 1, carsymbol/-default 1, carsymbol/Arrow Yellow 1, carsymbol/BlueCar 1, carsymbol/ClassCar 1, carsymbol/FamilyCar 1, carsymbol/FinnedCar 1, carsymbol/GreyCar 1, carsymbol/Oldtimer 1, carsymbol/RaceCar 1, carsymbol/RedCar 1, carsymbol/SportsCabrio 1, carsymbol/SportsCar 1, carsymbol/SUV 1, carsymbol/YellowCar 1, voice/English(US) - Bonnie 1, map/United_States 950.6548

Error incident IDs =

* Computer info:

Operating system: Windows NT 6.1 (build 7601, Service Pack 1)
Free memory: 1749618688 bytes
User home directory: "C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\"
Home volume space: 367170 / 468421 MB
Temporary directory: "C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\"
Temp volume space: 367170 / 468421 MB
Install directory: "C:\Program Files\TomTom HOME 2\xulrunner\"
Install volume space: 367170 / 468421 MB
External volume devices: G: [TOMTOM] 677 / 1959 MB
OS login name: "USER ID"
Host name: "XXXXXXX"
Date and time: 2015-07-24 13:23:14

* HOME info:

DLL Version:
MapShare DLL Version:
Language: en-US

* Connected device: ""

Type: "xxl2009_plus_2048_tts_black"
Serial: "RX2051BXXXXX"
IL #1: 'Hard disk' 677 free/1959 total MB Block Size 32768 Media Name 'InternalMemory' serial $b4e91b9d, Writable

* Connection Status:

edit: I broke the hyperlinks.

Test1: Request Code of http:xxx//home.tomtom.com/media/suppliers/check.png: 200, (Success)
Test2: Request Code of https:xxx//home.tomtom.com/media/suppliers/check.png: 200, (Success)
Test3: Request Code of http:xxx//download.tomtom.com/sweet/application/releases/check.png: 200, (Success)
Test4: Request Code of http:xxx//download.tomtom.com/sweet/application/releases/check.zip: 200, (Success)
Test5: Request Status of http:xxx//download.tomtom.com/sweet/application/releases/check.zip for Byte Range: 206, (Success)
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Very good. Then one more time with the FAT32 format, and NOT a "Quick" version of that is offered as an option.

Then you will need to download the *.cab file I pointed to above in Post #2, and unzip that directly into the root of your device, being sure to retain the file/folder structure when you do so. A *.cab file is nothing more than a *.zip file under another extension name.
If you're OK doing that, let us know. If not, let us know as well and we'll steer you through it.
I happen to have it with me now. (at the office, don't tell my boss). I'll plug it into the pc Intel i7 4 gig. It'll take a few minutes, like 30. Like someone said, molasses flows faster.

I'm ok with doing it, I'm semi-knowledgeable around pc's. I live on one all day.

I'll be back in a little while. *going to dl file now*
Ok. Finished a full format and extracted the .cab directly into the 540. I turned it off as I have to leave now. But let me know the next step and I'll be back tomorrow. I'll bring in a thumbdrive with all the backups on it. In case, I need something.

thanks for the help.
Hope you performed a proper USB disconnect before turning it off.

Anyway, if the *.cab extracted as it should, you will have a variety of folders and a few loose files there now. Next step will be to connect it and see if Home offers you a map. It won't (obviously) operate without one. That should work, though if not, we'll get one from your backups.
There was no option to do a proper usb disconnect so I just shut the TT off, after I did a 'blue button' disconnect from TTH. Which, like has been happening all these times, requires a 20 sec hold down of the power button.

So I just connected it, now, to the computer and turned it on. Yes, TTH opened. Yes, it demanded to be updated. And, lo and behold, it says I have to install 530s as the option to not install it is grayed out. It doesn't care that 9.061 is there.

Earlier I tried a complete copy of a backup I had with 9.501 and it did the same thing to me. "it doesn't come any deader than this".

Hope the pic isn't too big.


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If, when things are in the state you show in your screen shot, you select the "More info..." on the bottom line of the text for the application, WHICH version does it think it wants to provide to you?

Once you have 9.061 loaded, it should at least be possible to copy over a backup of your most recent North American map folder to the unit and be up and running, though future updates may be a challenge we're going to have to discuss. Was that not the case?
8.550 I've been here numerous times before.

But you make a good point. If I copy in a map folder ( I have a recent explorer copy of the map folder with all the new zones ) maybe that will get it up and running.

Any idea why do I have to do the hard reset to turn it off? What's with that?

I'm leaving th 540 connected to TTH for the day while we're working on it. So it will always be connected if you need to see a screen.


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Well that was fun.

Another 4 hrs and back to where I started. Start it up and it stops at the flash screen. Takes a 20 press to turn it off. Start it up and it stops at the flash screen and so on.

The only thing left at this point is an autopsy. I know it won't fix anything, but I'll enjoy putting a screwdriver through it's heart. So far about 12 hrs wasted on trying to fix it.

Next stop, Garmin. I say that with sadness as I liked my TT and would buy another except that the new TT models require a smartphone & data plan for traffic and Garmin does not, at least not all models. I know Garmin may have problems too. Or maybe I'll find a refurb TT so when it fails I won't lose as much $ as I lost with the XXL540. But from the posts on this forum and the official one, those models don't seem like a prize either.

Thanks for the attempts to help. Sorry I wasted your time.


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