Can I change my user name?

The administrator of this site, Ian, can do it for you. I'll draw his attention to your request. What user name do you want to change to?
Hi seaners, we don't generally change usernames on the forum (unless it's something like a new user with a spelling mistake, etc...), as it get's confusing - especially because it's not possible to change lots of things retrospectively in content. On another forum, we allowed username changes and members started changing usernames it caused so much confusion - so now I only do it if there's a very good reason (like a spelling mistake).
I don't know if the software keeps track of eMail addresses.
If not, and it is important to you to change you could register as a new user.
We would not want to loose you.

BTW, how come a Wet-coaster uses the picture of a Montrealer?
Yup, it's perfectly possible to set up a new account if that's an option for you - I can disable the old one and then you can re-use the same e-mail address if you'd like. :).

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