Anyway to disable the Bootup User Agreement? or change the screenshot?

Mar 24, 2007
I have a Treo700P and after recieving a call I must restart Navigator again and always click to accept the warning message. It may be required by law but I believe I am intellegent enough to use my treo without seeing it every single time.

I have searched around but have not found a way to disable, change or bypass it.

Treo 700P / Nav6 /SlimGPS 236
Hmm, interesting. On the handheld units (GO and ONE), we only press it once and it'll never appear (unless we connect (and turn on) and disconnect (and turn off of course) from the computer)
I tried looking at the conents of my SD card for my TT1 to see if I can find anything that looks like the Agreement but came up short. It looks like its hard coded in either the device or in a file that I can't read.

It probably is possible but I don't know where to look.
I've seen this, thought of editing it, but left it. I'll look again as to where it is and post back.

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