Any Way To Escalate Customer Support Issue?

Sep 7, 2007
Title says it all. Has anyone been able to escalate a customer support issue beyond the first line rep and the supervisor? I'm having an in-warranty problem and was offered a refurb and I declined. They said you can only get a new unit within the first 3 months of warranty but the official policy web page they referred me to did not state anything about a 3 month limit.

I talked to the front line rep and her supervisor and when I asked to speak to her manager I was told the manager doesn't take calls and that she would call me back with an answer! I bet I know what that answer will be...

I want to keep escalating this because the reply I'm getting is that 'it's policy and we can't do anything about it.' I'm betting that eventually someone can do something if I escalate it high enough but I think I hit a roadblock already.

I don't want a refurb because the problem is the common 'phantom key press' Go 630 problem and I imagine any refurb that was sent back will likely eventually have the same problem and they wouldn't be able to check as it's an intermittent problem.

On top of that, during trouble shooting the front line rep had me go through a soft reboot process and now it will not even turn on! That's right, they turned my unit into a brick and will not do anything about it.

I heard about the poor TomTom customer support before I even bought my first one (I've bought at least 5 since then) but went ahead with the purchasing figuring 'how bad can they be.' Well they bricked my GPS, won't make good on an in-warranty replacement citing an unwritten 3 month policy and then stonewall me when I try to escalate the problem. I guess it can be pretty bad.

I?m really beginning to hate TomTom.
Quite simply the device is unfit for purpose and under UK law they would have to give you like for like i.e. a new unit or a full refund..

Where do you live?

In the mean time OFT are a good place to start....I have used them and they write really good effective letters that got me several refunds on dodgy goods and miss sold insurance..

Hope this helps

Regards Lee F
The OP is in the U.S., so we have a somewhat different set of rules here.
This is getting out of hand. I have no connection to anyone at TT for the older GO products, and nowhere to post 'there'. I know they are fully aware of this problem from the posts in their own forum, but do you or Andy or anyone else have direct access to someone whose buttons can be pushed on this issue?
When I had a problem with Vodafone I simply started a group in facebook and kept linking it to there forum and on their own facebook page, I kept it straight forward and matter of fact never embellishing the facts or time scale almost like an on line diary.
Such was the amount of people that joined my group and left comments about going to a rival service provider that they escalated the problem right up the chain to highest priority and got a call about a week later saying they would give me a new phone upgraded contract on the terms that I had previously requested ( which was my right ) and £100 credit to use on downloads etc or off my bills in the future on the proviso that I removed the group as it was causing avoidable confrontation...
I refused on that basis but agreed to say that the problem had been sorted and that they had been very helpful.....I have since removed it but at my theirs....

Just a thought...
Whatever pressure that can be brought to bear will no doubt be helpful if TomTom is made aware of the venue. While this problem was once minor enough that creating some space between the bezel and the glass with a business card was sufficient (I believe we were doing that as much as removing any crud from in between), as these units have aged and the bezels have warped a tiny bit, all of the GO x30 models and some x20 models seem prone to this.
When I had a problem with Vodafone I simply started a group in facebook and kept linking it to there forum and on their own facebook page, .

That's the only way that something got done about the HD Traffic "reduced horizon" debacle.

These days, it's sad but true that Facebook and the bad publicity it can generate has far more clout than a nicely-worded complaint letter.
Thats true Andy, but I felt it was the only option left to do having gone through all the frustration of reading all the other complaints etc and emails & chat on line to no avail.

Facebook though got results....

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