TomTom customer service experiences?

Feb 21, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
GO700, XXL 540STM, XXL 540STM WTE, GO2535TM WTE (dead at 14 days and sent for repair)
I'd like to know how other people have been treated by TT customer service.

Over two months ago I opened a case with them for a failed GO 2535 TM WTE. It had very little usage on it. After shipping them the unit, I waited 10 business days to hear from them. When I called, I was told my unit was ready to be shipped back and I'd receive it in a few days. A few days later I got an email stating they didn't have any GO 2535 TM WTE to send me. They'd send me a "regular GO 2535" instead if I wanted it.

I made it clear that I did not pay for a regular GO 2535. I bought a GO 2535 TM WTE and that is what I wanted. I do not want a regular GO 2535. They sent the regular GO 2535.

I continued to update the case and told them I DO NOT WANT A REGULAR GO 2353. I EXPECT TO GET A GO 2535 TM WTE.

Since then they won't even let me update the case anymore.

The unit they sent sits in the box. I'm not opening it as that might be construed as accepting it as settlement. I DO NOT ACCEPT IT.

Have others been treated like this? Did you send in the top of the line model only to receive the bottom of the line model as a replacement for warranty service?

Does it take legal action? I feel I've been defrauded of the value that I paid for.

There may be a miscommunication here.

If you have been shipped the 'wrong' unit, the difference is, of course, in the maps (not difficult to solve), and the amount of memory required to hold them (impossible to solve). What we don't know is how much internal memory your replacement has.

Your original unit (serial starting with letters SM) has 8GB of internal memory. If what they shipped to you is really not a WTE version, the first two characters of the serial number would be SN, and would have only 4GB of internal memory. Problem: neither version of the 2535 has a uSD card slot, so it would be impossible to bring an SN model up to SM size even with the addition of a card.

It is important that we establish two things.

First, is the serial number of your replacement unit visible on the packaging anywhere? If so, please advise. If not, it will be impossible to help you deal with this problem, as the SM vs. SN distinction is critical to how we approach both your problem and getting TomTom to solve it for you.

Second, how did TomTom propose to manage Europe vs. US maps on the smaller memory model unit (both sets of maps would not fit concurrently on the 4GB unit), or did they address this when you talked with them?
Thank you for the response.

There is no miscommunication here between TT and myself. They specifically state that they sent me a "regular" GO 2535. The package does have an SN serial number sticker on it. The package makes no reference to T (traffic), M (lifetime maps) and obviously no Europe map. There is one mention of "compensate the the Europe map" with no further explanation. This SN number was supplied to TT and they admitted to sending the basic GO 2535 instead of a unit like I sent in for warranty service.

My exchanges are in writing in the case. This makes a written record without any potential for miscommunication in a phone call.
Well, call CS tomorrow at 866-486-6866 and ask for 2nd level support or a supervisor.
Indeed. There is no reason that, if your 2535TM WTE was under warranty, you should settle for a 2535M, if that's what it is. They owe you 4GB and a European map, and a lifetime N.A. map subscription (the latter would have been worked out eventually).
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I'd like to know how other people have been treated by TT customer service.

My interactions have not been as involved as yours. But I have had a few support events covered via email. I have found them to be prompt replies, knowledgeable about the issue and very helpful.

My biggest complaint involving my TT unit is, quite honestly, not with the unit, but with the way Mazda has made TT spec it out in the US market. If I were TT, I don't know if I would have agreed to some of the restrictions Mazda put in place as many folks will think it means the TT device is not very good and not realize the problems are because of Mazda.

Sounds like your experience is a bit different than mine, but it looks like you've gotten some good advice from others replying to your post.

Good luck.
Their last statment as of 9 April:
"We still don't have an official date, but please keep the reference number of this issue and we will know what the problem is when you call us back. Don't worry, you will have the correct tomtom device, once we have those on stock."

I'm still waiting and will not be buying or recommending TomTom products in the future.
I would call them and ask them for an update. Do it every week until you get it resolved. If you're not happy with the response, see if there's a manager type person you can speak to. Stay polite and maybe have an alternative device that would be acceptable to you - ask if they can offer that instead.

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