Does customer service exist at Tomtom?

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If they are not, then whom did you talk to?
And what make you think by talking to the supervisor/manager, you can get the deal out of it?
Yes, I totally feel your pain as I hit many times, up to the point that I realize talking to a CSR or his/her upper-level personel are freaking the same, they are all crap anyway. And up to the point that I just throw my stuff away, avoiding calling CSR and got severe headache afterall.
I'm not talk about Tomtom alone, name anything comcast, verizon, att, .....
I was just amazed at the complete apathy by the tomtom rep. I was just so excited by my dad's gift to me and now I don't even want it anymore. Also, my husband asked for one for his birthday in March.

Like I would even consider getting him this brand. So, you guys lost a huge sale. He wanted one with all of the bells and whistles.

What a horrible company.
Sorry to hear about your experience with TT support. Sometimes they are so difficult and then we hear stories about how gracious they were. I have no idea what the magic words are. Of course TTforums has nothing to do with corporate TT as far as I know. There is one thing that might help you but it is a long shot. My credit card allows me to return things even to them if I decide I do not want it or they will refund the difference if I find something on sale and the dealer will not. Might give them a call and see if you have that program.
And they should repair the unit if it is not holding charge. Your experience has been terrible.
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These "one post wonders" hit the forums monthly. The stories, almost always the same.

Now, you could enter any "brand" GPS forum, and of course, you'd hear the exact same thing there.

In an inperfect world, expect inperfections. Sometimes, understanding and dealing with lifes "speed bumps" requires maturity [thats why they call it adulthood]

These "drive by posters" will have their day soon enough. Give'um a couple of new car purchases, and they'll quickly understand the meaning of life. :eek:
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