TomTom doesn't care about customers

May 13, 2009
I have been though a couple of TomToms and really like them but not the way they treat their customers. The suction cup on my 930T failed the unit fell and cracked the screen. even thopugh it was the Tomtom part that failed they only offered a $100 credit on a new one. No repair option and basically" tough for you"

As good as it may be, I advise people to stay away from TomTom because of their lousy attitude for us.

Let's see if this thread stays up.
Sorry for your bad experience with TomTom. However, that doesn't mean that EVERYBODY has or will have a bad experience with Support. In fact, many report nothing but a positive experience dealing with TomTom.

All I'm saying is making a sweeping generalization as you have based upon one negative experience is silly.

As far as repairs go, here is a link to one online site. Try them.
I'm sure your thread will stay up but at the same time I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with you.

I once bought a shoe and tripped over the shoelace, even though it was part of the shoe that failed me, Nike offered me NO credit on a new pair. Do you see what I'm saying? You can't really blame TomTom, did I tie my shoe correctly? Did you put the suction cup on correctly?

Getting offered $100 off a new unit is more than what most companies would offer. I would say you had excellent costumer service if this is the case. What were you hoping for, a new device? How long had you already had the unit?

I have my problems with Tomtom, I feel they could offer existing costumers some better deals, or give us a few upgrades for free once in a while but I don't think you can bitch about them not treating you well when they have offered you $100 on something you broke.

Who thinks "Srod" got a good deal? Who thinks he was screwed? It's 1 for 1 right now.

Make that '2' for good deal and "srod" himself for Screwed!
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Did you ask if it is covered under the limited warranty?
TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems
The Limited Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, does not apply
when the Hardware is opened or repaired by someone not authorized by TomTom and
does not cover repair or replacement of any Hardware or part thereof damaged by:
misuse, moisture, liquids, proximity or exposure to heat and accident, abuse, non-
compliance with the instructions supplied with the Hardware, neglect or
misapplication. The Limited Warranty does not cover physical damage to the surface
of the Hardware.
This Limited Warranty does not cover any software that may
accompany or be installed on the Hardware.
I think the only clause in what does not apply is what is in Bold as a cracked screen is physical damage to the surface of the hardware.
It also sounds like it was damaged by any of TomTom's NO, NO's

I also don't understand by what TomTom means normal wear and tear in that warranty.

I do however recommend that you or anyone to purchase this Arkon TT520-115 TomTom mount as it is a lot better than the one included with the 730/930.

I bought one from a recommendation in the forums when my new 730 didn't have a mount in the box.
TomTom did send their OEM one to me but I do have to say the Arkon one is a lot better.
srod....Sorry to hear about your experience with your TT. We hear more of the problems because when things go well people rarely post comments. Your thread will stay up...why would it be removed? We are not corporate TT but a group of individuals interested in gps technology and just happen to have these units. There are no editorial controls for complaints that are utilized by the moderators and if you will look around yours is not the only complaint. We use comments like yours to give advice to people before the same thing happens to them. Did you call tt support or use email. A call works better sometimes but in this case I do not imagine it will help.
The OP's problem does point out a larger issue with TomTom -- their hardware service. It's bottom of the barrel, at least here in the U.S. I haven't heard that their policies are any better in Europe.

A "refurb" unit is usually substituted for broken hardware when covered under warranty. Items out of warranty that are in need of actual repair are expected to be pitched into the trash. Sorry, but there's no less painful way to say it.

TomTom neither wants to sell parts, nor are they interested in the repair of out-of-warranty units. Their battery replacement policy is worse than Apple's original iPod policy, and that was nearly as bad as it gets.... and remember the hue and cry when that was announced?

I can understand this sort of behavior from some Chinese garage shop making $39 DVD players, but we're talking about a company that is supposed to be playing by greener EU rules and is charging a heck of a lot more than $39 for their products.
canderson do you know if Garmin's hardware service is any better than TomTom's?
canderson said:
A "refurb" unit is usually substituted for broken hardware when covered under warranty.
That is what has me worried about my device being serviced under warranty.
Along with manta reporting his warranty 730's batter will not hold a charge.

If I wanted a refurb I would have got one in the first place instead of paying more money and buying a new one.
Why buy new if warranty only offers refurb's?

I am very disappointed with TomTom with my warranty and it hasn't even got their yet. :mad:
canderson do you know if Garmin's hardware service is any better than TomTom's?
No idea. My one and only Garmin product (an eTrex Summit HC) just keeps on ticking, and I haven't been frequenting any Garmin boards to get a sense of how they manage things.

My personal experience from TomTom was that a couple of months after purchasing my 720 (purchased in December '07) it ceased to see satellites at all. What they sent me in return was clearly a refurb. I fussed at the time about this, but as they assured me that they'd cover the 1 year warranty starting from receipt of the refurb, I guess I couldn't gripe. They don't promise new units in exchange ... but of course, I didn't realize that at the time.
My 720...ceased to see satellites at all
Small world same thing happened to my GO 730.
canderson said:
What they sent me in return was clearly a refurb
I have now been researching their warranties and it seems everyone gets a refurb.

I guess with TomTom it does not pay to buy new (you are merely buying an extended warranty 6 months vs a Year) because you may end up just getting a refurb anyway.

TomTom should start selling an extended warranty and that would mean if you buy a refurb and the warranty it equals a new unit.
canderson said:
I fussed at the time about this, but as they assured me that they'd cover the 1 year warranty starting from receipt of the refurb
I personally don't think it is right of TomTom to give a refurb for a new unit and I will also fuss about it. If they are giving me a refurb they had better throw in a hardware accessory of my choosing, or an extended warranty, or a map download, etc to compensate.

I paid for a new one for a reason.
At the time of purchase I was not considering the warranty period
I was considering the condition of the refurb vs the condition of a new one

Thanks for letting me vent some of my anger with TomTom
Let me be a little clearer on my problem

Thanks for the comments about the failed suction cup that caused the screen to crack.
1. I did call TomTom about the problem. The operator said yes, the suction cup could have been defective but still since the screen cracked they weren't interested in helping.
2. they don't offer a credit on a refurb unit (which they have plenty of) - ony a credit on a new one that ends up costing more that the street price.
3. they don't do any repairs or have a list of repair shops that could fix the units.
4. from the amount of failed suction cup problems seen on other sites, it seems that a modification could be made in the mount.
5. The shoelace analogy doesn't fit. Sorry.
It's standard practice in the electronics industry to provide 'refurbished to new' units upon warranty replacement.

As soon as you take your 'new' unit out of the box and turn it on it's 'used'. So you are not sending in a new unit you are sending in a used one. In a warranty exchange - TomTom is providing you with a unit that has been refurbished to new vs. used. Refurbished is better than used.

As soon as you plug in the refurbished unit it becomes used again. I don't see anything wrong with this. Better than waiting for weeks to have your unit repaired.

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