TomTom HOME doesn't recognize 2405

Nov 4, 2010
Hi, I just got my 2405, and this is the first time I use TomTom product.
MyTomTom finds my device, though it shows GO1000, not 2405 still works well. Then I try to use HOME to buy some voices, but it can't find my 2405, says no device is connected.
My system is Win7(64 bits), everything is up-to-date.
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That unit requires Home 3 (which is partially web based) , not Home 2 for its functionality. As well, I don't think you can download anything for that model as yet.

Sorry.........have reread your post. If you are referring to MYTomTom Home and have an icon in your notification area, then you seem to have Home3.

Try running Home 3 in XP compatible mode.
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See here.

The MyTomtom app considers the 2405 as a variant of the GO 1000.

Per the website, currently adding voices doesn't yet work on the app. Only "Latest Map Guarantee" and application updates.
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So, it means that MyTomTom is equal to an newer version of HOME and soon or later it will replace the old HOME, but currently doesn't support stores and other functions, right? I thought they were two different program, TomTom should make the declaration more clear about it.
Well, that sucks, I really want to download some Star Wars voices and it feels like a half-baked GPS.
See here.

The MyTomtom app considers the 2405 as a variant of the GO 1000.

True, it is in a way but the MyTomTom application wasn't updated for the 2405 and 2505. Today TomTom released an updated version of MyTomTom (version which now shows a GO 2405 or 2505 as that connected device instead of a GO 1000 or 1005 from Europe.
Sibir Lupus
Can you send me the link for Version I can't sem to find it

Tks and Happy new year

I installed MyTomTom and it tells me that my model is the GO 1005. Is this normal? Also has anyone of the mods been in contact with TT about all these issues the 2405 and 2505 are having?
We have reported many of these issues to Tomtom.

At this point, Tomtom hasn't released anything except for map updates on MyTomtom, so you haven't missed much.

And it appears that map updates were also temporarily suspended. My guess is that they were pulled as some owners had their devices bricked by errors in the map update process.

Tomtom has announced a software update planned for end of January, that will allow custom POI loading. Hopefully many of these other bugs will be addressed concurrent with that update.

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