TomTom 910 Audio out plug doesn't work

Mar 22, 2010
I've read the manuals, forum, TomTom tech support, and tried a thorough Google search for this problem and can't find an answer.

I'm going on a trip and want to use the TomTom 910 to play music out to my car radio. I've tried to set it up as LineOut and, also, FM out, but neither seem to work. The LineOut was going to an FM transmitter I have for other .mp3 devices I have.

The TomTom says the proper output is set up, but when I plug in the external line the 910 unit speaker stays on and nothing comes out of the cord. When I set it up for FM the same thing happens. Sound continue to come out of the internal speaker and nothing comes through the radio regardless of what frequency I set it to. I can't seem to get the internal speaker to stop and the external set up to work.

I am in Los Angeles with LOTS of stations. It's almost impossible to find an empty FM station, but I tried several different ones with no difference.

The assumption in the manual is that by plugging in the line it should automatically turn off the internal speaker and make the switch. It doesn't.

What am I doing wrong or what should I do differently? Is something wrong with my unit or the window mount for it?

Thanks in advance for your time.
For a 910 to use the FM Tx option you must be using the special accessory mount that has the FM Tx hardware fitted in to it, the standard 910 mount as supplied with the device doesn't have the required hardware within it to support this function. The above para certainly applies to the European devices but I am not too sure about USA spec machines as these might have been supplied with FM Tx mounts from new - Hopefully someone can confirm this?

Line out should work with any x10 mount once selected and a cable plugged in to it, I know this might seem a stupid question but are you putting the 1/8" or 3,5MM jack plug in to the correct socket on the mount? As you look at the mount from the front of the device the Line Out socket is the one on the left side of the device nearest the windscreen - Mike
Solutions found

to mikealder:

Thanks for the reply. I never found anywhere that it said anything about a different mount for the 910, but when I went to the Internet, I found what you were talking about. I then couldn't find one for sale, but I'd suspect it's expensive. I'm glad I have my own plug in FM transmitter I can use.

As for the problem with the plug.

I had everything write, but the thing that kept eating at me was than when plugged in the unit sound would stay on. I know a little about this kind of circuitry so I took the mount apart and did a little checking. The receiver was visible (very small) and showed that when the plug was inserted it didn't quite make contact. I wiggled the plug and got it to work so I went back and used a tiny jeweler's screwdriver and needle nose pliers to slightly bend in the contact bar so that it now makes good contact.

Thanks for the help and information.

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