TomTom GO 910 not works

Nov 3, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom GO 910

I need your help for the following:
I have a TomTom GO 910 that was given to me because the previous owner said it did not work and he did not want to spend money to repair it.
The battery is new and it's fully charged.
When I turn it on, the "TomTom" screen appears.
After seconds, the "Disclaimer" screen appears.
When I confirm "accept", it goes to "No map located" screen.

If I try to connect it to the computer (USB), the screen "Do you want turn on to "computer" appears but when I say "Yes" the display turns off and it is not detected by the computer!

I've tried on several different operating systems
I've tried with another TomTom base
I've done a reset
I've already turned off and on the battery

Nothing worked!
Can you help me to raise it?

Tanks and... sorry about my english
Are you using the cable that came with the device? Or does that device have a mount with cable?
And you say you reset the unit. I assume you mean a pin reset. You have tried that?
Any chance you can try using a different computer after installing Home 2 on it?
I tried on 3 different computers, 1 desktop and 1 notebook using Windows XP and 1 notebook using Windows 7 32 bits, after installing Home 2. They don't detect it.
Does the computer detect the presence of the device if Home does not? If so, can you do this:

1. Make an Explorer, not Home, backup. See here:

2. Delete all the loose files in the root of the unit, NO Folders or their contents.

3. Connect to Home now. See if it does 'see' the device and offer an application. If so, accept, install, and disconnect properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.

If not, well, restore the Explorer backup and perhaps someone else can suggest another strategy.
Anything here help? (especially the bits about Device Manager)
FWIW, my GO910 only connects via a mount (which connects to PC via USB). the GO does not have a USB port. I'd explore Andy_P's suggestion and check device manager - could be the PCs' USB ports (unlikely for all the ones you've tried). But I'd try another GO910-to-PC mount (if available) first.
I´m using the cable that cames with the device
Have you tried it with another USB cable?

Since you say that several different computers do not recognize the existence of your GPS when the USB cable is plugged in, I would try a different cable before I bothered with yet another another computer. The use of the cable that came with the GPS should mean that the cable wiring is correct, but it does not guarantee that there has been no damage to the cable that would affect the operation.

With best wishes,
- Tom -
I've tried with another GO 910 and it works perfect. May be the disc? because it shows the icon disk access but then turns off soon.
I've tried with another GO 910 and it works perfect. May be the disc? because it shows the icon disk access but then turns off soon.

I've seen various posts showing how to change discs (and where to get them from) and replacing the disc with an SD reader over the last few years, but can't remember where. So not much help.
bigman46, if you want to see what's involved in opening up your 910 and potentially removing the hard drive, I'd recommend this link which is a pdf file with instructions and excellent pictures, especially the first 1/3rd showing removal of the HD (paragraph #9).

Sorry, I've no idea where to get a replacement HD, nor if an SD reader substitute would work, as Hamish33 alluded. Might warrant further investigating on the internet . . .

Good luck!

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