TomTom 910 - dock connector

Jan 4, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
Go 910
I've recently exchanged battery in my 910 but in the process dock connector (pics attached) separated from the board.
Additionally 4 tiny connecting wires were broken.
Please help me find new dock connector and instructions how to install it on the board.


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Welcome to TTF.

The person who may be able to come to your rescue is supermoderator mikealder who is also UK based, has (or had) a 910, has created threads about taking that model apart and will likely know of places that might sell the parts.

Check back on this thread you've created within 24 hours to see if he's responded. If not, send him a pm.
All I can think of is you purchase a damaged x10 device and rob the connector from the PCB but unless you are used to fine soldering work you are going to have one heck of a job putting the connector back in the 910.
I have never seen the connector used anywhere else so purchas of a new plug isn't a viable option - Mike
Thanks for the explanation. Fine soldering could be a problem for me. Is there any possibility to use induction charging pad to charge 910? Would that be possible I could avoid repairing damaged dock connector.
Does it make sense?
To power the unit it needs 5V from either the Home Dock PSU or the car ciggy lighter cable, once this 5V gets inside the device it is regulated by some of the components on the main PCB to provide 3,7V to charge the battery. Again soldering wires to the PCB isn't going to be easy and neither is locating the correct tracks on the PCB - Mike
As it stands the practical solution to my problem would be exchange of the main PCB for another one and see whether 910 could be charged properly.
Can anybody help with advice where I could get main PCB for 910?
Sadly swapping the main PCB won't fully sort your problems out as the maps are locked to the device ID which is part of the main PCB, swap the board and you will then get the "No Maps Found" message when it boots up - Mike

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