TomTom One 3rd edt Map Share doesn't updates

Aug 17, 2009
Porto, Portugal
TomTom Model(s)
One 3rd Edition
Hi there,

I bought last week my very own Tomtom One 3rd edition and updated the maps and GPS location via Tomtom Home. Nevertheless there was a problem updating Map Share, it downloaded 1Mb of Map Share updates and when it started to apply the update in the machine it froze in about 25%. No matter if I waited 20 minutes or 3 hours, it remained stuck at that percentage.

Another thing that happens in Home is that when I choose the Use My TOMTOM, Home crashes.

Any idea of what might be happening here? Many thanks in advance.



Does your model use internal or a sd card? Are you running out of space (you shouldn't but.....)
Backup your Tomtom per this link.

Then format the Tomtom drive (disable quickformat). Does it report bad sectors? If so, the internal memory is going bad and the device needs to be replaced.

If it doesn't have any bad sectors, then copy your backup back onto the Tomtom, then try these steps to reinstall your application.
I tried it and it didn't allowed me to format the drive. Is it me or Tom Tom customer service just doesn't work too? I'm still waiting for a solution for almost one and a half month...


What error message are you getting when you try to format it?

Also, make sure that all folders that point to the drive (and Tomtom home) are closed before attempting the format.


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