tomtom one 3rd edition

Mar 2, 2016
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tom tom one 3rd edition
My tom tom one 3rd edition always work well however now when i go to "ADD FAVOuRITE" It always goes the "home" screen pressing cancel make no difference have to "reset" to clear screen but still makes no difference" in short i cannot use the tom tom
have the battery on charger still no difference any ideas would be a help
Try sliding the sharp edge of a screen protector around the entire screen under the frame. Remove any screen protector.

Do a reset by pressing the reset hole in the bottom with a paper clip or equivalent.
still no joywhen however improving i left the tomtom on and the add favourite button worked however it is still misreading the letters??
Perhaps this thread will help >>
Gets 'interesting' on page 2 where process is described. OP should probably read the whole thread before moving ahead, paying SPECIAL attention to the difference in calibration format depending upon which code version is resident on the unit.

Reinstalling the firmware won't fix a wonky touch panel if its resistance has gone off. The settings for touch panel calibration from the factory are located in the an area of NVRAM that none of us can touch -- and a new code load doesn't touch it, either. The files recommended in the earlier link override those settings during the boot process.

I think your link (though redundant to the one we've already provided) is the right approach for the OP to take. What it does not describe is how to manage the issue if you get so far into a ditch that you can't even successfully tap the "Yes" to ask the device to connect to the PC during boot in order to make further changes. We cover that in our link. The oureverydaylife author seems to be unaware of that technique. Further, he/she advises

  • This procedure won't always fix your unit, and might make it worse. Try it at your own risk. The alternative is to send your TomTom for service, or buy a new GPS.
  • Be sure to save a copy of your unit's original calibration data, in case you make things worse. By copying your original data back to the unit, you can restore it to "square one" and start over.
There is no cal.txt or calib.txt file from the factory, so all one need do to get things back to where you started is to delete any cal.txt or calib.txt file that you've added. The device then reverts to the factory calibration settings. Nothing changes the values shown on the boot screen. Nothing. Again, the file content overrides the boot screen info during the boot cycle which, again, is stored in an inaccessible (to us) area of NVRAM in these devices.

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