TomTom one 3rd Edition, Malta map

Mar 23, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
car kit, one
Just bought a tomtom one 3rd edition europe

I was hoping that malta was on the maps but its not although when i look at western europe on the tomtom website it does list malta.

I have tried in the hope i could list zones per instructions below

If you want to change your Map Zone, you can do so at any time using TomTom HOME. All you do is:

  1. Click Manage my device in the main menu in HOME.

  2. Click the Items on device tab.

  3. Expand Maps, then click Change Map Zone next to the map currently on your device.

  4. Select a Map Zone to replace the one currently installed

  5. Click Done.
Tip: Saving a copy of the removed Map Zone to your computer when prompted will enable you to switch back much faster in the future.
But there are NO zones listed, as there is no SD slot I'm stuck, have even tried deleting and going via tom tom home and trying to re download but nothing is listed in my account, i guess thats because I'm not the original owner

I don't mind if i can delete some countries and just keep UK, Spain and malta on but there seems no way.

Any ideas please?
Have emailed them last week with no answer but will give them a call on Monday and see if there is any way to get a single map, I notice there is a Mediterranean maps but that will take me over the storage
Thanks dbh, rang tomtom this morning and it looks like the previous owner must have deleted some countries BUT they assigned the complete western europe map to my account, took 2 hrs to update but I now have the full list of countries on, including Malta which is one that i need - thanks again

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