tomtom 1 3rd edition - not starting up

Dec 12, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
tt 1 3rd edition
ok hi everyone this is my first post,all it is i have got an older tomtom 1 3rd edition ,so when i switch device on it goes straight to orange screenwith a pic of a satnav and a loading symbol in bottom left like the one that shows up when i connect to pc, then it goes straight to a black screen with tomtom wrote on screen with the 2hands symbol and stays there nothing else ,ive tried reset button to no avail.
i try to connect to tomtom website to update my pc recognises the device but my tomtom says please connect devise when italready is. ive backed up the folders and done a flsh reset ,still nothing ive also deleted all folders and then put back up folder back in device ,im totally stuck any info would be greatly appreciated thanks:mad:
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You are usingHome 2 and not MyTomTom which is meant for Nav 10.X devices, correct?

Is your backup with Explorer, not Home, I hope? If not, please do one now. If not sure how, see here:

Then use Explorer to delete all the loose files in the root of the unit, NO folders or their contents.

Connect to Home and you should get an application to install. Do so and disconnect properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.

What happens then?
Thanks for getting back ,i have done what you said ,and still getting same things
i also noticed i cant operate my device from my computer as i used to be able to strange
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Can you try this?

(You have the Explorer backup, right?)

Start--run-->cmd--> and type chkdsk X: /f where X is the drive letter represented by the tomtom.

After that is completed, format the unit, don't use Quickformat.

Then, run the Clear flash tool 3 times found here:

The act of installing actually makes the tool run. As I said, 3 times.

Then connect to Home and see if an application is offered. If so, go for it.....

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