740 Phonebook Usage Problem

Nov 28, 2010
I have just gotten my 740 and have done all the updates and installed the latest map. Do not have an SD card yet.

I mated my cell phone and did the "Get Numbers from Phonebook". When calls come in, their names are listed which tells me that my phonebook is installed. However, when attempting to place a call, the "Phonebook Entry" icon is dim and not available for use. My cell phone is the MotoRazr2 v9x.

Thank you in advance for trying to help me.
Use Windows Explorer to view the files and folders on the device, open the folder "contacts" then locate the file "contacts.txt" open this with NotePad and edit the contents to reflect what you want, when complete save the file and your phone book will work correctly. As an example here is a couple of lines from one of my contacts.txt files:

"Alix Dentine/M","07123456789","DEFAULT"
"Tony Smith/W","01123456789","DEFAULT"

Note the /W = Work /M = Mobile and /H = Home

Hope this helps - Mike
Thank you, Mike for the reply. Within my "Contacts" folder, there was three files; buddies.dat, called.txt and caller.txt. There was no contacts.txt file. I created a contacts.txt file and entered one set of contact information. After that, my Phonebook icon was useable and I could see the one contact that I entered.

I tried once more to "Get numbers from phone", upon which it stated that it was retrieving numbers from my telephone and then resopnded that Numbers were reteived. However, upon checking the "contacts.txt" file, none were added.

This appears to be a 740 clitch or incompatibility with my telephne. I gusess that I will either enter the numbers by hand intp the contacts.txt file, or try to download my cell phone to my computer and them over to the TomTom contacts.txt file.

Note that the called and caller files do contain recent activity.
Some phones will work with the TomTom units and support all the features, others (as you have found) don't - The only real options for you are to get the contacts from your phone on to the PC or manually type the contacts.txt file before copying it to the device - Mike
740 Phonebook Uage Problem

FYI to Mike Alder:
Instead of manually creating the contacts.txt file, I copied my Motorola phone book to my computer, then from an Access database file, I exported to an xls comma delimited file, I cleaded it up somewhat, and then exported to a txt file where I finished the formating. The TomTom phonebook now works great.

My suggestion to TomTom is that future units have an application for manually adding and editing contacts.

For now, everything is great!

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