740 GO will not connect to server after connecting with Home

Jun 17, 2010
Orange County, California
TomTom Model(s)
I have noticed that after I connect to Home on my computer my 740 GO Live will not connect to the Tom Tom server. Over time with soft resets or a hard reset it will begin connecting to the server and access Weather, etc., but not Live Traffic. Finally over a few days Live Traffic will start to come up. Then all is well until the next time the unit is connected to Home for any sort of update. At the point where I don't connect to Home to have a functioning unit......any suggestions?

Thanks, in advance for any feedback.
What is the application version you have on the unit. And what is the version of Home (go to Home's menu of Tools-->About)
The unit is 9.465.1074274.103 with map 900.4602 and Home is I found if I log in to the account through "Changes" on the uni with the "Operate My Device" in Home after doing an update the unit will function flawlessly after that in the vehicle.
I own a 740 as well (I have it right in front of me), and am trying to sort out what you mean by "'Changes' on the unit". Can you clarify a bit? For one thing, we cannot use the device's own screen interface on any unit while it is connected and operating with Home, so I'm a bit confused.
When I am in Home on the second page is an 'Operate My Device' choice. When that is accessed you are presented with a faux 740 screen. As with your unit you can click \ tap on the screen and then select 'Change Preferences' and on page 7 of 7 select 'My Tom Tom Account' and enter your user name and password. The unit logs on to the server and Live Traffic incidents come up. If I follow this procedure the unit functions normally when in the vehicle. If I don't it won't log on to the server even though it shows it is connected to the network within 'Status'. As this continues as noted in my original post. Don't know why, but it is an easy work around.

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